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4 Suggestions Before Obama Invades Another Country

March 15, 2012 by fidlerten

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron came to D.C. and met with the President (for a reason I’m unaware of). The joint appearance was filled with threatening rhetoric by the President relating to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and solidarity between the two nations. PM Cameron assured the bond between the age-old allies is never-ending and their interests remain the same.

Among the topics discussed were the ongoing struggle in the Middle East and of course, Afghanistan, where British casualties total to 404 compared to near-1800 Americans. Once again the President stopped short of rejecting intervention and decried of the human rights abuses (while ignoring our allies own).    Read more

The Red Tory Abroad

October 18, 2011 by THE POLITICUS

By Michael Stafford: England's "Red Tory"- Phillip Blond- has experienced every political philosopher's dream in the United Kingdom, where his ideas have fundamentally altered the framework of the political debate on both the right and the left. Now, he's wrapping up a multi-state speaking tour in the United States, and hoping to replicate his success here. He's set himself a difficult task.

According to Blond, "[t]he current political consensus" in both the United States and the United Kingdom, is "left-liberal in culture and right-liberal in economics. And this is precisely the wrong place to be." Blond's "Red Toryism" links systemic flaws at the macro level, such as growing inequality, declining social mobility, and monopolistic concentrations of power and wealth in the markets, with micro level questions of individual morality and personal virtue to produce a comprehensive theory of everything that's wrong in our society. This is an alternative brand of conservatism that has a social conscience and simultaneously critiques both the state and the market.     Read more

Back in the Fold

July 23, 2011 by Will Durst

Give Congress the benefit of the doubt and say they do work out a compromise on the debt ceiling extension. This country could still slip into default, leading to the worst possible scenario imaginable -- we have to move back in with England. Who's going to be happy then? Nobody. You think it's embarrassing slinking home after graduating college, try waiting 235 years.    Read more

The 21st Century Fox

March 2, 2011 by Nicholas Barrett

On the American cable channel Fox Business an inexplicable whooshing nose accompanies graphics resembling the opening titles of robot wars as a gray middle-aged presenter introduces his boss live on air. “Chairman thanks very much for joining us we appreciate it sir”, “good afternoon” replies the Australian media baron.    Read more

Barack Obama's European Tour

March 31, 2009 by THE POLITICUS

Barack Obama's European Tour
Barack Obama begins his first overseas trip as President when he arrives in London on March 31
Barack Obama's European Tour: The President Must Protect the Transatlantic Alliance By Nile Gardiner, Ph.D. Barack Obama begins his first overseas trip as President when he arrives in London on March 31, where he will meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative Party leader David Cameron, and Queen Elizabeth II before attending the G-20 summit on April 2. He will then travel to Strasbourg and Kehl for the 60th anniversary NATO summit, followed by meetings with European Union leaders in Prague. His European tour concludes with a visit to Turkey on April 6–7.    Read more
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