Of Groundhogs and the Grand Old Party

Another brutal primary with more shadowy money,
more vicious attacks from more unaccountable allies,
and a rich guy outspending another rich guy wins again.


Ending the War on Drugs

I worked for the Hudson House/United States Mission for five and half years.


Republicans and Hypocrisy

In life we can’t always get what we want.


GOP Contenders’ Tax Plans—Robin Hood in Reverse

As the Republican candidates move from Christian, evangelical South Carolina to Florida, a state still racked by high unemployment and a foreclosure crisis that just won’t end,


Is “A Perfect Union” Only a Dream for America?

I sat and watched television last night and listened as the Republican candidates put each other down and put President Obama down and I thought to myself “It’s so sad that we’re living through a time in our nation that so much hate is going around.  I dreamed for a moment about what it would be


Constitutional Amendment Needed to Stop Unlimited Campaign Cash

I believe that both Democrats and Liberals, at least the reasonable ones in each party feel that the need to permanently fix our campaign financing


Mitt Romney; The People's Choice, Because Corporations are People Too!

The upcoming Republican primary in South Carolina which former Governor Mitt Romney is leading in the polls, may well help send this man on to be the Republican nominee to face off with President Obama for the presidency in 2013.


Stop Mitt Romney!

The Republican Presidential campaign for this election cycle has been very entertaining for us outsiders.


Biggest Fear for Republicans Will be an Improving Economy

I won’t be cynical enough to say that all Republicans are hoping the economy stinks when November 2012 rolls around.