A Ten Point Pledge to Workers from Lawmakers

The organization “Americans for Tax Reform” founded by Grover Norquist is well known for it

Mitt Romney and Republicans Want More Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Those who’re making record profits – the wealthy that is – can count on even more tax cuts if Republicans can just have their way.

I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room. A room; veritably dripping with power and authority.

Using Government As a Tool of Force

Two sisters got into a scuffle after the younger sibling would not grant the older her last cookie.

Why no-compromise politics works.

Why are right-wingers winning in the political war they've been waging against everyone else for the past century?  They refuse to compromise.  Oh sure, they earn the scorn of self-proclaimed "pragmatists", those who made a fetish of "compromising" (today's codeword for craven capitulation, or as we used to call it in decades gone by, selling out).  But when you measure it in terms of getting one's political agenda made into normal American policy, the far right has enjoyed tremendous success.

Instruments of Fear: America and the War Machine

           For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Voting Rights: Republicans Attack on Democracy

After the midterm 2010 election when Republicans gained control of several state houses and governor seats, they began working on legislation; not to create jobs for the unemployed as many of their