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Sandra Fluke

Rush Limbaugh Renews Attack on Sandra Fluke


On Wednesday's show , Rush Limbaugh used an online ad campaign to dust off his misogynistic attack on Sandra Fluke. The ads attempt to attract young people to Obamacare by, in Limbaugh's view, promising fellatio. Her mouth is wide open...More


Military Intervention In Syria


In the last few weeks there has been a great deal of debate and controversy over the possibility of retaliatory strikes by the US in Syria. Both sides of the debate have some excellent points, and both sides have some...More

Paula Deen, Racist Comments, Paula Deen Racist Comments

Paula Deen Racist Comments


The way she talks about her grandfather's plight after the slaves were freed is disturbing. Why this didn't become a controversy until now is beyond me. Listen to her comments in the video!More


Outrage Outage


Are Republicans too weary from witch hunts from turning Benghazi from sorrow to scandal and the IRS affair from insensible to impeachable, to be outraged at the news from the NSA? Are conservative columnists too consumed slandering Snowden as seditious...More

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Stopping Rush: A Modern David and Goliath Tale


"The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance." --Samuel Butler Rush Limbaugh has been spouting bile unchecked for many years, but the reaction to his obscene tirades against Sandra Fluke in February of 2012 set off an...More


Why can’t we peaceful people be given a choice?

About four or so months I attended a progressive town hall meeting hosted by my Rep. Eddie B. Johnson, with Rep. Barbara Lee from California. An old-aged attendent asked about the healthcare ruling (this was about two weeks before the...More


What if “Voter ID Laws” Overturn the 2012 Election?


From all I can tell, there is going to be a massive effort by Republican state legislators to change the results of this upcoming election. They are going to do this by Voter ID laws; ending early voting in some...More


The Right of the Religious Right: Part 1


Many years ago when I was but eleven years of age, I became a preacher. As a Pentecostal, I had a very strict belief system, which also affected my sermons. I believed many things were sin, even if the Bible...More


Chic-fil-A’s Anti-Gay Marriage Stance Will Prove Costly


I’m certain that Chic-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy will eventually understand the cost of being outspoken about your active support for denying the rights of same-sex couples to marry can be expensive, as far as profits and loss of a percentage...More


Why Bain Matters


We have had 30 years of what has turned out to be horrible economic policy. All of the facts, when reviewed, will show that the system is failing the majority of Americans. But instead of admitting that failure, we are...More