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Maybe Obama Should Take Up Painting


The left criticizes Obama over NSA surveillance, lack of action on climate change and immigration, and being too conciliatory with the big banks. The right attacks him over expanding healthcare, pushing for fair wages and pay equity, defending contraception and...More

Sandra Fluke

Rush Limbaugh Renews Attack on Sandra Fluke


On Wednesday's show , Rush Limbaugh used an online ad campaign to dust off his misogynistic attack on Sandra Fluke. The ads attempt to attract young people to Obamacare by, in Limbaugh's view, promising fellatio. Her mouth is wide open...More




As a baby boomer, I grew up in an era where the only women who had access to safe abortions were the wealthy. They could fly somewhere and have it done and be back home before anyone knew they were...More


The Romney Veto That Every American Needs to Know About


Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Well, in November of 2002 the people of Massachusetts gave a businessman named Mitt Romney political power. And,...More


"White House Leading Attack on Religious Liberty!"


Ave Maria University campus Yup. "White House Leading Attack on Religious Liberty" was the title of an article by Jim Towey, President of Ave Maria University, a Catholic liberal arts college located just south of Immokalee, Florida. The article appeared...More


Democrats Should Support Ending Abortion, Just Not Enforcement


I must tell you; even though I’m a liberal I do not support abortion. I’ll be clear; I don’t support the criminalization of abortion or even for government to get involved with abortion. What I do support is the government...More


Another member of Congress wants to micromanage research funding


Last week, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to a 2013 spending bill that would prohibit the National Science Foundation from devoting any of its budget to its political science program, which, according to Inside Higher Ed , allocated...More


Republican Agenda on Women: Barefoot and Pregnant


The chairman of the Republican National Convention Reince Priebus recently compared women to caterpillars when he was confronted by Al Hunt on Bloomberg TV that polls show a huge margin among women for Democrats. Mr. Priebus Responded by saying:More


Which Republican Presidential Candidate is more likely to…?


The candidates who are still in the race to win the Republican nomination are an interesting bunch. It might be interesting to wonder who the most likely would be to: Have an affair while in the office of the presidency...More


Voting Rights: Republicans Attack on Democracy


After the midterm 2010 election when Republicans gained control of several state houses and governor seats, they began working on legislation; not to create jobs for the unemployed as many of their campaigns promised, but to introduce new abortion restriction...More