Voting Rights: Republicans Attack on Democracy

After the midterm 2010 election when Republicans gained control of several state houses and governor seats, they began working on legislation; not to create jobs for the unemployed as many of their

Questions Remain in Trayvon Martin Case

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Congratulations Sharon Sund [Greg Laden's Blog]

Sharon Sund, who is running for Third District Congress in Minnesota, has received an "A" level rating from the Stonewall DFL. For context:

Trayvon Martin: Another Victim of “Stand Your Ground” Law

Outrage is the best way to describe the feelings of African-Americans and anyone who has a sense that something went really wrong when a man named

2012 Election: Eight Points of Priority for Our Next President

Come This November, whoever is the Republican nominee facing off with President Barack Obama; there will be a few points of priorities that will need to be addressed by both the Republican nominee