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#BringBackOurGirls.............. ALL OF THEM!

Recently, 200 girls were kidnapped from a Boarding school in Nigeria prompting media and social network attention around our country. News outlets across the nation brought attention to Islamist fundamentalist that kidnapped the young ladies and are now holding them...More

Politics, government, healthcare, news, political news

55 Colleges Face Sexual Assault Investigations


The U.S. Department of Education on Thursday released for the first time a comprehensive list of Colleges and Universities under Title IX investigation. (Click to Tweet!) The hope is public pressure will move these schools to cooperate fully and resolve...More

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DECEMBER 2013 December 2, 2013: A cruise fundraiser is held for Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) December 3, 2013: Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) hosts a luncheon fundraiser in Washington, D.C. December 3, 2013: Reps. Mark Amodei (R-NV) and Louis Capps (D-CA)...More


I Guess That's Why They Call Them Blue States


I spent a little time in California over the summer. It had been awhile. I remember going there as a kid and being so impressed. It seems that the days when everyone in the nation looked up to California, that...More


Are You a Prol?


Labor Day Demonstration against child labor - 1909 So if "class warfare" actually breaks out (we’re not talking about beheading rich folks .... yet!) with what "class" do you identify? Are you "middle class, upper middle-class, lower class?" These are...More


Bad Gas Not Normally This Much of A Problem


Its March 18th, do you know where your podcast is? On this date in history back in1937, 298 school children experienced the worst gas of their lives, and not the kind that would provide their schoolmates with smirks, giggles, and...More


Language of the Losers


Flipping through radio stations last weekend, the dial stopped briefly on a Right Wing commentator. On hearing the man’s voice, I was instantly pushed into a state of angry defiance. Complaining bitterly to my friend about how stupid and deluded...More


I Am a Teacher, Hear Me Roar: Another Way to Protest Gun Violence


[The following piece is a guest blog by global educator Laurence Peters. The views expressed here are his own, not those of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.] In 1994, perhaps one of the most remarkable events of the 20th...More


Why can’t we peaceful people be given a choice?

About four or so months I attended a progressive town hall meeting hosted by my Rep. Eddie B. Johnson, with Rep. Barbara Lee from California. An old-aged attendent asked about the healthcare ruling (this was about two weeks before the...More


eHarmony’s Gay Lawsuit


Hello Reader, Would you like to stop receiving my Two Cents? If so, tell me and your name shall be removed from my mailing list with haste. Last week, eHarmony, a dating site, was hit with a lawsuit by Eric...More