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Unclassy Lessons for the Class of 2012


As students celebrate graduation around the country, they learn you can become a Presidential candidate if you showed leadership bullying a peer in high school. Graduates learn that the business world is forgiving: you can push the economy to the...More


Failure to Invest in Young Children Threatens Our Economy


We’re being told that fiscal responsibility requires big cuts in education, nutrition, and health care for millions of children. This shortsighted and uncaring thinking is not only a nightmare for those directly affected; it is an imminent threat to America’s...More


Maybe Government Should Be A Little LESS Like Big Business


We chide corporate execs for their excesses, then confront a GSA that rocked too hard & learned what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. We blast Big Business for not playing by the rules, then our esteemed Secret...More


Americans on Energy: New UT Study [Greg Laden's Blog]


Another poll shows increasing and strong interest among Americans in developing Green Technology and related technologies, as well as reduced interest in anti-environmental extremism and petrolatum-related efforts. Previously, we discussed the new poll by the Science Debate people, and now...More


More Evidence that Universal Health Care Would be Less Expensive [denialism blog]

We've written quite a bit about single payer health care systems as well as other models that are a mixture of public and private spending.More