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THE POLITICUS invites YOU to participate in our 3rd annual user generated college writing challenge. Contestants are asked to create smart, sophisticated and topical articles about our favorite subject politics! The articles can cover a broad array of subject matter...More


It's Politics Stupid!


In May 2009, former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson wrote an important essay in The Atlantic on the origins and implications of the 2008 financial collapse, called "The Quiet Coup." The financial gloom that swept over the US...More


Defending the One Percent


It seems puzzling that Harvard University would grant tenure, let alone appoint someone to be the chairman of its economics department, who fundamentally doesn't believe in economics. But there it is, all spelled out in a much talked about new...More


Three #OpenGov Events This Week

Busy #opengov week here in NYC. I’m pleased to be attending the following events on behalf of PPF : Tomorrow, Tuesday June 4th – Media Impact Forum from the exciting work of the Media Impact Funders . Thank you to...More


Bead-Reader: A New Segment on Fidlerten Place

Within the next couple of days, Fidlerten Place will be launching a new segment called Bead-Reader. It is culled from a catchphrase used in the gay community from at least as far back as the sixties and perhaps further. Someone...More


Did Mitt Romney Really Think He Was Going To Win?


I have been going back and forth on this question. And now that Taegan Goddard, author and former policy advisor has published the above screen shot of Mitt Romney's Presidential Transition Website. I think Mitt and his entire campaign did...More


Raiders of the Lost Arctic


It’s Thursday October 18th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1867, The United States formally took possession of Alaska from Russia. As if Alaska belonged to The United States in the first...More


The Serial Killer Groupie and the GOP

Once there was a serial killer. His name was William Hickman. He was rather famous back in the 1920s. The son of a paranoid schizophrenic mother and grandmother he would torture and kill cats as kid. Anyone who knew him...More


Ann Coulter’s Slam of Romney Spokesperson Shows Hypocrisy

Ann Coulter, author and conservative political pundit, in an interview with Fox News Sean Hannity brought down the hammer on presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul. Responding to a pro-Obama campaign ad about a man’s wife dying because...More




I don’t know if the rest of y’all have been watching commodities prices lately, but I have, and what I’m seeing is starting to really scare me. A lot. The Great Drought of 2012 hasn’t yet come to a conclusion,...More