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I Am a Middle-Class American


This is a republish from Yahoo , which I am a contributor of. I am a middle-class American. I am red, I am blue, and I am purple. I live in the suburbs, I live in the city, I live...More


The Serial Killer Groupie and the GOP

Once there was a serial killer. His name was William Hickman. He was rather famous back in the 1920s. The son of a paranoid schizophrenic mother and grandmother he would torture and kill cats as kid. Anyone who knew him...More


Alienating Moderates [EvolutionBlog]


In the course of a generally favorable review of Among the Creationists over at The Panda’s Thumb blog, Matt Young wrote the following:More


My Religion, My Politics and My Sexuality


Throughout my life I have always been faced with God. Unlike maybe someone like Bill Maher, I can’t become an atheist or even an agnostic; God is in my blood and I believe in Him. Even in those times in...More


Religion and Elections


Back in December, 2010 a Gallup Poll revealed that approximately 40% of Americans believe that god created man exactly as we are now about 10,000 years ago. Literally. Not as a fable. Not as allegory. Literally. Another 38% accept that...More


Americans United for Separation of Church & State OKC: Spring Dialogue Videos! [erv]


I *love* living in the internet era. Someone can give a talk in OKC on April 28th , and someone in Thailand can watch that talk while theyre doing the dishes on May 7th. LOVE IT! All the more reason...More


The BECB Discussed on Think Atheist Radio [EvolutionBlog]

I recently had a conversation with Greg Gorey of Think Atheist Radio about my book Among the Creationists . We discussed the history and cultures of creationism, the problem of evil, methodological naturalism, my experiences socializing with creationists and several...More


Atheist Ayn Rand and Republican Politics Become One


Hypocrisy is running rampant in the GOP when Ayn Rand becomes their idle while they’re still trying to proclaim the Christian mantle. Ayn Rand’s vision for the world was about individualism and satisfying oneself over the needs of the many...More


Maybe My Next Book Should Be About Atheist Gatherings [EvolutionBlog]


As you have probably guessed from the blog drought around here, it's the end of the semester. That means tons of grading, office hours, meetings with students, deadlines to meet, and all around not much time for blogging. Final exams...More


Is it Politically Unwise to Associate Evolution With Nonbelief? [EvolutionBlog]


Here's the latest from Michael Ruse , over at the blog for the Chronicle of Higher Education . He is discussing the anti-evolution “academic freedom” bill that just passed in Tennessee:More