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The Randian

And so we have our Republican Vice Presidential candidate, the Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan; the young gun star of the radical right. The new John Galt, feeling put upon by the "takers" in society. Ryan is now less comfortable...More


Indiana, Eugenics and Fascism


Vigo County Poor Farm - Terre Haute, Indiana Those Socialists were wrong Poverty is not a social condition. People do not become criminals as a product of social and economic conditions. They are born that way. People are poor and/or...More


Evolution and religion, yet again [Thoughts from Kansas]


[Attention Conservation Notice: About 3,500 words on the factual, scientific, and philosophical problems of a paper which was surely not intended to be taken seriously as science or philosophy. Nick Matzke comes at it from a different angle at The...More


At the Reason Rally [EvolutionBlog]


It was cold, and it was pouring rain for much of the afternoon, but the rally was a huge success nevertheless. The official estimate from the Park's Department was 20,000, which seems about right to me. I'm not generally a...More