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You Drive Me Crazy Horse


It’s Tuesday January 8th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1877, Crazy Horse and his noble warriors fought their final battle against U.S. military forces in Montana. General Nelson Miles of the...More


What Is the Debt Ceiling?


About a hundred years ago, our nation was engaged in World War I, and needed to simplify how the government funded its responsibilities. For the Treasury to be able to fund debts incurred from obligations already legislated by Congress without...More


Why Bain Matters


We have had 30 years of what has turned out to be horrible economic policy. All of the facts, when reviewed, will show that the system is failing the majority of Americans. But instead of admitting that failure, we are...More


There Went Wisconsin and Now Here Goes the Nation


Welcome to the future Corporate America – an America that is no longer a People’s America but one that belongs to and is controlled by Big Money and big corporations. It really started trading hands once our United States Supreme...More


Trickle Down Science [Uncertain Principles]


A week or so ago, lots of people were linking to this New York Review of Books article by Steven Weinberg on "The Crisis of Big Science," looking back over the last few decades of, well, big science. It's somewhat...More


I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room. A room; veritably dripping with power and authority. The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans. Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes are in harmony with the Constitution. If you...More


I Used To Think I Was A Conservative…No Wait; A Liberal….Or…


Maybe I was just confused. Then; over time; I began to realise that far from being confused; I had a very good hold on what I thought and think about the various pieces of insanity that surround us; but………………………………….. ……………………………………….I...More


The Future of Science Publishing [We Beasties]


A little over 300 years ago, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a dry goods seller from Delft in Holland, learned to grind glass into lenses and fashion the best microscopes the world had ever seen. In those days, the idea of being...More


GOP Contenders’ Tax Plans—Robin Hood in Reverse


As the Republican candidates move from Christian, evangelical South Carolina to Florida, a state still racked by high unemployment and a foreclosure crisis that just won’t end, the hunt is on for the candidate most likely to uproot President Obama...More


Surging US national debt - What is the best debt relief option for the debtors


The US national debt has recently surpassed the debt ceiling and has reached a staggeringly high amount of $ 15 trillion. It has reached an unsustainable level and is dragging down the functioning of the US economy. The US national...More