Three #OpenGov Events This Week

Busy #opengov week here in NYC. I’m pleased to be attending the following events on behalf of PPF: at National Conference on Media Reform

Writing from the plane headed to the National Conference on Media Reform in Denver, CO, organized by the terrific folks at PPF’s longtime friends at Fre


The Serial Killer Groupie and the GOP

Once there was a serial killer. His name was William Hickman.



Book Club

Book Discussion Group

The Politicus book discussion group is for anyone interested in discussing books and movies involving politics.

- Meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm (Aug 20th 2012)

- Books and movies are chosen by you! Votes will be held at the end of each book.

- Discussion materials are chosen depending on the group's interests, existing popular material, and current events

- eCopies will be provided for free on a first come, first served basis. Please Leave a comment if you want to receive the book. It will be emailed to the email account you used to register on The Politicus


Creation Superconference! [EvolutionBlog]

Sometimes I wonder what the mailman thinks of me. One day he's delivering the new issue of Free Inquiry, the next he's leaving something from Creation Ministries International.