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2012 Presidential Election


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As many might remember in July of this year we released the results of our presidential electoral model to predict the results of the 2012 election. As opposed to many predictive models out there (Nate Silver's 538 blog being the...More


Book Review: Entrepreneurial Nation by Ro Khanna

Four days before the 2012 Presidential election one enduring mantra from both candidates has been “jobs, jobs, jobs.” With unemployment in the U.S. hovering around 8%, the big question is how to get people back to work. Ro Khanna, a...More

Minorities in America: We Know the Importance of Independent Judges


As a gay man and one of America’s many minorities, I have seen what popular opinion has done to our nation, as far as allowing racism and bigotry in our laws and in our hearts. I also know that if...More


The Romney Veto That Every American Needs to Know About


Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Well, in November of 2002 the people of Massachusetts gave a businessman named Mitt Romney political power. And,...More


2012 Presidential Election Shows a Divided America


America has become such a divided nation. Is it because we have unresolvable differences or is it because we have allowed the voices of unreason and prejudice, to overpower the voices of wisdom and truth? President Barack Obama and Republican...More


2012 Presidential Election a “War of Words” or Lies


With public relations of any kind, words can carry great weight to influence positive or negative reactions out of people; presidential campaigns are no different. Putting the right “spin” on whatever a presidential candidate’s position is, can be very critical...More


Looking Forward into a Mitt Romney Presidency


We all have a good idea of what a second term for President Barack Obama would be like; Possibilities of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and a new look at the Dream Act that he attempted to get passed...More


Which Republican Presidential Candidate is more likely to…?


The candidates who are still in the race to win the Republican nomination are an interesting bunch. It might be interesting to wonder who the most likely would be to: Have an affair while in the office of the presidency...More


Voting Rights: Republicans Attack on Democracy


After the midterm 2010 election when Republicans gained control of several state houses and governor seats, they began working on legislation; not to create jobs for the unemployed as many of their campaigns promised, but to introduce new abortion restriction...More


I Was Going To Write About Rick Santorum. But I Changed My Mind


I was going to write about Rick Santorum . But what can I say that anyone with two braincells to rub together hasn’t already said or thought? This is a guy who believes that Freedom of Religion , means his...More