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Fairytales in America


Cinderella is a fairytale, or its supposed to be. It's just the story is all too relatable nowadays. A person who works their butt off, is under-appreciated, covered in ash from all the times they...Read more


The Radicalization of Poverty


The most recent shooting in Chattanooga Tennessee by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez generated more discussion on how, and why a citizen of the United States becomes “radicalized” and wreaks havoc and in...Read more


What If The News Reported About Poverty


I recommend reading this article What If We Reported On Poverty The Way We Report On The Stock Market? In other words, the media coverage has a distinctly upper-class bias. Case in point: the...Read more


Charles M Blow And The 40 Year Narrative: Poor People Suck.


I'll post just the conclusion, the rest lays out the reality Obama was right to call out the media’s poverty narratives. There are people across the income spectrum who are lazy and addicted and want...Read more


HIV Positive? Poor? Just Die.


How we perceive others determines how they perceive us. I suggest that you watch the video below. It can also be found here It may not be available in the US, see further down The defence used to...Read more


Top Comments: Manufacturing Poverty


It's been over 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty, committing Federal Government attention and resources to the longstanding problem of poverty in America. Last year,...Read more


Fat Tuesdays & Slim Pickins: Talking About Homelessness in New Orleans


With Mardi Gras quickly approaching, I thought it might be appropriate to post a piece I wrote last year about an experience I had with a man who come upon hard times and had reluctantly joined the...Read more


Did the NYPD Use Social Media to Jail Innocent Teen?


I saw this video on The Verge and decided it was worth to re-post and share it with my followers.Read more


2014 Midterm Elections Predictions/picks

Alright, it's time for me to unveil my election predictions/picks-- election results.. long-awaited, I know!! Obviously, there is a little bias, due to fact of me being a party loyalty/homer lol. I...Read more


Is the NAACP 30 Years too Late?


A few weeks ago in an apparent multi-ethnic push, the new NAACP President, Cornell William's talked about the need for the NAACP to broaden their based and reach the "whole of the country". If Mr...Read more

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Tea Party Pharaohs and Right-Wing Romans

At Passover, we tell the story of a Pharaoh who was inhospitable to strangers in his land. In America today, it's Tea Party that attacks anyone in favor of sensible immigration reform. Over Easter,...Read more

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Did Hell Just Freeze Over?


As America shivered through a historic freeze, Obama warmed up the discussion of poverty, the Senate passed unemployment benefits and debate shifted from austerity to inequality. While record lows...Read more


Mormon Bishop Posing As Homeless Man Rebuffed by Congregation


A bishop in a Mormon church outside Salt Lake City has shined a light on the hypocrisy and selfishness of members of his church by dressing as a homeless man and gauging their reactions to him. David...Read more


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead


Margaret Thatcher visits with Augusto Pinochet while he was under house arrest in London. Margaret Thatcher is dead. While we in the United States tend to lionize our departed Presidents, a la St...Read more


Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance


The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march for Unemployment Insurance. Does it boggle your mind to see working class people using their time to demonstrate for less...Read more


Life Before Social Security


This year I will be 71 years old, assuming I make it and I have close family now into their eighties. I was born in the first year of WW II and my older relatives born in the 1930s during the Great...Read more


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Needs to Explain “Racial Entitlement”


The United States Supreme Court recently listened to a challenge to the Voting Rights Act in which the question before the court is “about whether the federal government should still Continue Reading...Read more


Cause of Homelessness in America is Diverse


As someone, who was worked for a homeless shelter for over five years and whose job description sometimes meant signing in walk-ins and staffing the phones for referrals, I have met many homeless...Read more


Why The U.S. Needs To Let the Israeli's and Palestinian's Solve Their Own Crisis


We live under the false notion in the United States that if we just assert ourselves into the situation we can control the out come. This notion isn't new, we can look at Egypt as a classic case of...Read more


Che The Force Be With You


It’s Monday October 8th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1967, CIA-backed Bolivian forces captured Che Guevara. They executed him the next day. We suppose he...Read more