Health Care Reform


One-fourth of bed alarms were broken before UCSD patient wandered away to his death

When Thomas Vera wandered away from the UC San Diego Medical Center to die in a nearby canyon, executives across the University of California Health System were cutting the staff-to-patient ratio.


Four Major Effects of Health Care Reform on Medicare

Health care reform (the Senate bill as modified by the "reconciliation" package) means four related outcomes for Medicare, and its enrollees.


Ever notice how sometimes you come across somebody you shouldn't have fucked with?

The men of the Republican party believe that women and women alone are to be held responsible for the fact that humans have sex. Republicans lost women voters by 10 points nationally and are headed for a 20 point loss.


Affordable Care Act's Dramatic Impact On The Uninsured In Two Charts

The below charts show the dramatic impact the Affordable Care Act has had on uninsured Americans.


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Today, May 7th 2014 at 7pm EST we will host a discussion on the following topics via Google Hangout: * ACA: Will it be a net negative or positive for Democrats in 2014 midterms?

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18 million People Will Receive Health Coverage because of "Obamacare"

On Thursday health officials confirmed that 8 million people selected private health plans from October 1 through April 19. (Click to Tweet!) See the charts below for a breakdown of what that means i