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2022 A World Cup Bathed In Blood


No sporting event is worth 1 death let alone over 4000 to date Qatar has the highest ratio of migrant workers to domestic population in the world: more than 90% of the workforce are immigrants and...


Violence Without Borders


A gunman executed 9 victims in Oregon, the latest massacre in an endless series, as the crusade for guns without limits leads to shootings that know no bounds. Our own airstrike made senseless...


Obama Was Right On Syria


I keep hearing commentators say Obama didn't move quick enough on Syria and he let Bashar al-Assad cross multiple red lines with no real response, which created a vacuum filled by . This...


Syria: This Is Getting Bloody Confusing


Russia Are they attacking our friends, enemies of our enemies, enemies of our friends, friends of our enemies, or even enemies of our friends, friends? The other question is, how do we avoid shooting...


CO-Sen: Former Senator Gary Hart (D) Says Michael Bennet (D) Will Vote For Iran Nuclear Deal


This is encouraging: ... Former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart, at a rally in support for the Iran deal on Wednesday, said he has spoken with Sen. Michael Bennet about the deal and...


29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama


So now we all will have the pleasure of watching the GOP as they try to discredit all 29 of these accomplished men and women. These scientist care about one thing, and one thing only. SOUND SCIENCE!...


FL-Sen: Murphy (D) To Talk About The Iran Nuke Deal With The Center For American Progress On Sunday


We have a big primary in the Florida U.S. Senate race this year. We have two Democrats, Rep. Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson, with two different voting records. This is a primary that is weighing...


What countries were involved in the Iran nuclear deal?

This is a one question quiz that will test your knowledge about which countries were apart of the Iran Nuclear Negotiations.Read more

Republican Treaty Writing 101


None of the wordy stuff, they get right on down to the point . Dear Pesky Furriners Bow down before our might. Surrender your arms. Yours exceptionally America. If you leave a mess in one country,...


Do you support the Iran Deal?

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Total votes: 24

Iran: Paranoia, Uncomfortable Facts and Elusive Peace


In their 2007 book, the The Sphinx of Tehran , Yossi Melman and Meir Javedanfar built a narrative around the theory, supported by Israeli intelligence given to Melman, that Iranian President Mahmoud...


Likudniks overpromise Knesset chairs. "Unity" possible. OC Rabbi pleads guilty to bribing their FBI


The Holy Land has its problems. One big one, if we're going to be honest about this, is is that the Jewish community in Israel is plagued with dishonesty. During the run up to the March 17th election...


Does Netanyahu have a government ??? Housing corruption sets Shas against Kulanu


And there's more. United Torah Judaism put the Knesset's Finance Committee on the table, plus the health portfolio. That Finance Committee chairmanship is looking to have a potential to be a back...


Give Peace With Iran A Chance #NoMoreGOPWar


Americans have longed for peace since we first elected President Obama. For many years, we have hoped that Iran would meet us at the negotiating table. The announcement of a framework agreement over...


Neoconservative Nihilism is Alive and Well


Today’s New York Times Op-Ed column by former US Ambassador John Bolton reminds us that neoconservative policy forces are alive and well and pressing hard for more, not less, violent, global conflict...


Day Three: Media pass on GOP47 ignorance of United Nations, nuke deals, and Non-Proliferation Treaty


First the obvious: negotiations with Iran are a multinational process. The Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council -- the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, and France (...


For GOP, Ends Justify Means


Forty-seven Republican Senators sending a letter to the Iranian leadership urging that they ignore President Obama provides another vivid example of the distance today’s Republican Party has traveled...


Why Isn't Anyone Saying This About Netanyahu?


This is a little something that I had forgotten in all my anger at U.S. neoconservatives. Netanyahu thought that George W. Bush's war with Iraq would benefit the region . Why isn't anyone pointing...