Does the Western World understand enough about Islam, the Islam of the Quran, to be able to judge the religion in the Middle East?

For many years the strife between the West and the Middle East has come down to the tensions between the more extreme elements of Islam and the Christian, or Western, world (all the while not excluding Judaic segments of the world).  Yet there is significant evidence that the Islam of the Qu


John McCain Says He’s ‘Vetted a Number of’ Syrian Rebels and ‘They Can Be Trusted’

When I saw John McCain's interview on Fox News yesterday criticizing Rand Paul's position on Arming the Syrian Rebels and asserting that he has vetted thousands of Syrian Rebels during his 1-day trip to Syria in 2013. My first thoughts was Sheeeiiiiiiiit.


Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe

Anti-Semitism is on the rise once again. It first began with the Ukraine crisis when people went around Ukraine burning synagogues and breaking into Jewish stores. It has became much more worse ever since the Gaza and Israel conflict.


Fox News' war on Muslims Continues: Sean Hannity shouts at Palestinian guest

Yousef Munayyer is the executive director of The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development. You would assume he would be given the respect he deserve as an advocate for Musim/Human rights in the Middle East? If you thought yes, you would be wrong.


Hobby Lobby

What a ludicrous name for such an important case - Hobby Lobby!  


Stand by Your Woman

The ruling by SCOTUS on Monday that allows Hobby Lobby and other corporations of its ilk to strategically deny certain health care benefits to their female employees is nothing less than stunning.

First Amendment, National Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional

Public Prayer: Join us for a discussion on the recent Supreme Court Decision

On Friday, May 16th 2014 at 11pm EST we will host a discussion on the U.S Supreme Court Decision regarding Public Prayer.