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Lip Service

An interesting article in the NYT For several years now, populist politicians and liberal intellectuals have been inveighing against income inequality, an issue that is gaining traction among the...Read more

Respectfully, Mr. President, If You Pull My Other Leg It Plays Jingle Bells . . .

About the TPP Sir . . . if you are so proud of this piece of legislation why is it secreted from the American Public and why are you Fast-Tracking it ? Americans may seem unsophisticated and unaware...Read more

NV-Sen: Harry Reid (D) Mocks McConnell (R. KY) For Taking Credit For The Economy

Good one, Mitch! Can't say that I blame him: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Friday laughed off Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) recent...Read more

Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic: US economy grows by 5% in Q3 2014

Lets see how the naysayers play this news. U.S. economic strength: This is the third and final reading on GDP, and the 5% figure represents an upgrade from the Commerce Department's initial estimate...Read more

2014 Midterm Elections Predictions/picks

Alright, it's time for me to unveil my election predictions/picks-- election results.. long-awaited, I know!! Obviously, there is a little bias, due to fact of me being a party loyalty/homer lol. I...Read more

Could the rising US dollar solve Europe’s Economic Woes?

Weak GDP growth forecasts, recently released by the IMF, suggest a significant probability that one or more Eurozone countries could slip back into recession in 2015. The IMF predicted that the...Read more

REGonomics on Franchise Law

Last July, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Office of the General Counsel issued a statement affirming charges alleging McDonald’s franchisees and their franchisor, McDonald’s, USA, LLC,...Read more

Long Term Business Strategy; Easier with a Dashboard!

The execution phase of business strategy – any strategy really – is where most management fail to deliver. I know many companies –including Fortune 500s- where strategy building is an exercise in...Read more

5 1/2 Years of Obama: Where are we now!

A few months ago I re-tweeted an image that illustrated where the country was economically in Jan 2009 vs. the end of Q4 2013. So I decided to update that same chart using Q2 2014 numbers. Wait to...Read more

US Economy Needs Some Inflation

So many conservative politicians, I won’t name names, have been on the Feds’ case (Federal Reserve Bank), accusing it of a libertine attitude and a penchant for accommodative monetary policies which...Read more

UAE-the New Florence?

Last week, Etihad Airways inaugurated its non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi; flight time 16h 25m. Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, UAE Ambassador to Washington Yusef Al Otaiba, and US...Read more

Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

Politics, government, healthcare, news, political news

As America shivered through a historic freeze, Obama warmed up the discussion of poverty, the Senate passed unemployment benefits and debate shifted from austerity to inequality. While record lows...Read more

Fed publicizes plans for additional economic stimulation

The Federal Reserve said that it arranged the choice of more economic easing following the release of August's poor jobs report. Those efforts have been formulated, and were publicized on Thurs...Read more

Re-characterizing an unfair portrayal

Oftentimes I feel as though the views of the Republican Party are not properly characterized in campus discourse. Today I’d like to briefly summarize four oft-ignored perspectives on the Republican...Read more

Nonprofits Are Our Informal Government

As the director of a nonprofit 501(c)(3), I have had to quickly learn how these kinds of organizations function. I had been an employee, volunteer, and member of nonprofits in the past, but taking a...Read more

It's Politics Stupid!

In May 2009, former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson wrote an important essay in The Atlantic on the origins and implications of the 2008 financial collapse, called "The...Read more

Defending the One Percent

It seems puzzling that Harvard University would grant tenure, let alone appoint someone to be the chairman of its economics department, who fundamentally doesn't believe in economics. But there it is...Read more

Mourning After Obama's Morning After

The President got in bed with Republicans to help him pass gun control legislation, but it was no love-match, they screwed him over & the morning after has left us with no new laws. He continues...Read more

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Margaret Thatcher visits with Augusto Pinochet while he was under house arrest in London. Margaret Thatcher is dead. While we in the United States tend to lionize our departed Presidents, a la St...Read more

Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance

The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march for Unemployment Insurance. Does it boggle your mind to see working class people using their time to demonstrate for less...Read more

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