“A job well done for President Obama” [A Few Things Ill Considered]

This is not my opinion!  But forget about damning with faint praise, given the source this is damning with high praise.


Of Geese and Ganders [A Few Things Ill Considered]

“Show me the code!” This is the rallying cry of climate “skeptics” everywhere and the foundation of the numerous climate conspiracy insinuations hurled around the blogosphere.


Healthcare Survives Supreme Court [Page 3.14]

Chief Justice John Roberts proved himself an independent thinker last month, siding against his fellow conservatives (and Republican appointees) in upholding the Affordable Care Act of 2010.


Albany Plan of Union [Greg Laden's Blog]

The following document was written by Benjamin Franklin in 1754, and is said to have been influenced by the structure of the Iroquois Confederacy, of which Franklin was well aware.


Happy birthday, Freedom of Information Act! [The Pump Handle]

While the adoption of the Declaration of Independence is the most important anniversary that the US celebrates on July 4th, this date is also the anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act.


Things I Learned from My Foster Children, Part I [Casaubon's Book]

A little while back we took our current foster sons to visit the university where Eric teaches physics.  The boys had never visited a university before, and were curious about who goes there and what they do when they are there.


Still more SCOTUS coverage, especially on Medicaid [The Pump Handle]

Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters has posted the second of two parts in the special edition of Health Wonk Review responding to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act: Part I is here, and


July 2012 Open Thread [Deltoid]

Phew, looks the carbon tax has not returned Australia to the Stone Age.


Healthcare Upheld! [denialism blog]

It’s good news that the Supreme Court split 5-4 with Roberts (and not Kennedy?!?) as the deciding vote, to uphold the affordable care act.


A sense of proportion [Greg Laden's Blog]

Despite the fact that we observe the world around us everyday, for many common phenomena we have a very poorly developed sense of the important variables of size, shape, position, and motion. As I sit here by the side of the lake and look around numerous examples come to mind.