Stand by Your Woman

The ruling by SCOTUS on Monday that allows Hobby Lobby and other corporations of its ilk to strategically deny certain health care benefits to their female employees is nothing less than stunning.

Lessons in Leadership

I have been an Executive Director for a small nonprofit for about a year and a half.
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Peace is Piecework

The last fourteen years of American politics are said to be the most divisive since the pre-Civil War era.
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Conservative Performance Art Convention

CPAC 2014 is over, and the hard core rightists of our nation have had their fill of entertainment for another year.
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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Around my community of Southwest Washington all eyes are on the Oregon Legislature this week as committees decide the fate of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC).
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When Politics and Religion DO Mix

It’s something I do about once a week: share a quote from the Dalai Lama with my Facebook friends.
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Crystal Ball Musings for 2014

What will happen in 2014? Will the Tea Party finally gasp its last breath in the midterm elections? Will the GOP find its conscious?

Thank You President Obama for Kindling Hope

This Thanksgiving, I reflect on our nation. There is reason to despair, or course. Some dire work is still undone.

Six Steps for Tea Party Addicts

Following the immeasurably unpopular government shut-down, the Tea Party is losing ground fast.

The Good Guys Get Traction

President Obama, Senator Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi pulled off an epic victory for the American people this week when they held strong against the Tea Party’s best efforts to sabotage our

The Tea Party’s Last Stand

The Far Right Republican Tea Party has overplayed its hand.

Nonprofits Are Our Informal Government

As the director of a nonprofit 501(c)(3), I have had to quickly learn how these kinds of organizations function.

GOP and Dems Need Marriage Counseling

Think for a moment about the world before Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America.

Return of the Pharaohs

First quarter of my freshman year in college, I took an ancient history course.

Standing Ovation for SCOTUS- Thank You Justice Kennedy

“DOMA humiliates children of same-sex parents," wrote Justice Kennedy in the landmark SCOTUS decision U.S. v. Windsor this week.

Tangled Up In Blue: Values Vs. Politics

Can Conservatives and Moderates get along? Could a Liberal be friends with a Republican? Is inter-political party love possible? Of course- these things happen every day.

Netflix’s "House of Cards" a Needed Distraction

Admittedly, I’ve slowed down on my consumption of news since I was hired to direct a nonprofit in January.
Know Your District- Love Your District

Know Your District- Love Your District

Last week, I drove up to my state’s capital, Olympia, to lobby on Arts & Heritage Day.

Language of the Losers

Flipping through radio stations last weekend, the dial stopped briefly on a Right Wing commentator. On hearing the man’s voice, I was instantly pushed into a state of angry defiance.

Gun Law Reforms: Think about Grace

President Obama and Vice President Biden created the next wave of social change this week when they announced sweeping reforms to gun laws using both executive orders and legislation for Congress t