Cruel and Too Usual

Horrific and outrageous details come to light about America’s use of torture in interrogations, yet so many of us aren’t surprised by this news, and too many others still defend the actions.


"No Indictment" Is An Indictment

In Ferguson, a grand jury didn’t indict the officer who killed Michael Brown, despite the frequent adage that a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.


Thankful, Rageful, Hopeful, Forceful

The failure to indict in Ferguson has stirred anger, fear, outrage, surprise, and calls for justice, reform, peace, honesty, but giving thanks isn’t the first instinct for most.


Pipelines and Lifelines

Republicans and ConservaDems nearly passed the disastrous Keystone tar-sands pipeline. A pipeline of progressive opposition stopped it for now, but ultimately the Prez’s veto is our only lifeline.


Fight or Flight to Face the Right?

After the midterm elections, many wondered
whether losses would neutralize the President.
But this week he wasn’t neutral on Net Neutrality,
calling for the FCC to protect a free and open internet.


Election -- or Ejection?

Voters made it clear: for higher minimum wages,
pro-choice, anti-gun and pro pot legalization --
and they also gave the Republicans a landslide.


Election Day Tricks or Election Night Treats?

Halloween is coming, but the true cause of fright are the anti-science, anti-women’s-rights, anti-equality, anti-diplomacy right wingers who may take control of the Senate.


The Threat of Right-Wing Errorists

Iraqi civilians face a real threat from ISIS, but hawks want Americans to believe militias are amassing at the Mexican border.

Ebola is a dangerous outbreak in West Africa, but conservatives are stoking the fear that it’s gone airborne all across America.


The Disease Unease Trapeze

Ebola causes suffering in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but America’s response to the crisis is limited, more likely to spend money bombing the Middle East than containing a real threat in Africa.


A Gay Old Party vs The Grand Old Party

The Supreme Court’s refusal to overturn rulings has expanded marriage equality to more states. Yet when it comes to approving of equal rights, many GOP leaders still can’t admit, “I do.”


Pols Are Scary. Polls Are Scarier.

Republicans have spent years in Washington obstructing, opposing, derailing and distracting. Polls now show them winning the Senate.


President O-Bomb-a

The President whose political star rose as a principled voice to end a Mideast war has just started a new bombing campaign there.


When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

It’s a mess in the Middle East but not clear how the US helps by making it messier. As we arm questionable “allies,” remember: getting Syrian is easier than getting Syri-out.


How Quickly "Never Forget" is Forgotten

On the eve of September 11th, the President outlined an intense military escalation in the Middle East without clear rationale or achievable goals, without full public debate or Congressional approval.


Time for Politiicans to Head Back to School

As the Obama administration escalates military actions, it would do well to reread a history book on what quagmires did to LBJ's domestic agenda.


From Ice Buckets To ISIS Rockets

The US escalates action against ISIS with the threat of plunging into another war, but we are more likely to hear about ice buckets and who has plunged themselves to fight ALS.


We Are The World

We're wary of sending tanks back into Iraq and alarmed by Russian tanks near Ukraine. Meanwhile we witness police on military tanks rolling through the streets of Ferguson.


Unarmed But Not Unharmed

An unarmed black teen is gunned down in Ferguson and now protesters face a militarized police force keeping the peace with instruments of war.


The Long Road From Cease To Peace

After weeks of casualties and clashes, rocket fire and ratcheted-up rhetoric, Israel and Hamas have an uneasy ceasefire, but even without fire, the flames still burn.


Lofty Pursuits or Petty Lawsuits

The House Republicans could be pursuing solutions to the migrant youth at the border or sensible answers to our energy problems, but instead are focused on suing the President.