Conceited, But Not Conceding


Donald Trump refuses to commit to honoring the results of the election. Yet he accuses Clinton of disrespecting the law. He lashes out at his female accusers, demeaning their looks, sticking by “...Read more


Trump’s Class Dismissed


Trump tries to dismiss leaked tapes as no more than locker room talk. But Americans recognize the difference between locker rooms and sexual assault. Republican leaders try to dismiss Trump after too...Read more


Kaine and Unable

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence faced off, with Kaine articulating a progressive vision, and Pence unable to decide whether he’s running for VP in 2016 or President in 2020. Kaine attacked Trump’s bigotry...Read more



It’s not just that on Monday night Donald Trump bullied, interrupted constantly and lied repeatedly, it’s that he followed the debate with accusations of moderator bias and even a rigged microphone...Read more


Take the Bait to the Debate

Attacks in NY, NJ and Minnesota put terror central to the public debate, but must we take the bait to overreact with fears, phobias and martial measures? Killings of unarmed Black men by police lead...Read more


Tightening and Frightening


Trump supporters attack protesters, his campaign retweets neo-Nazi imagery, he praises Putin, discounts sexual assault, but Clinton's denounced for saying "deplorable." Trump's foundation is rife...Read more


Democracy Fall or Fall of Democracy?


As we pass Labor Day and move toward fall, we enter the official "election season" with tightening polls, a Trump boost, and a race closer than many of us can believe. As America and China affirm...Read more


Time to Build a Wall Around Trump?


Trump went to Mexico with one message. He then came to a rally in Arizona and returned to trumped-up bigotry calling immigrants dangerous criminals. After a year of hard-line immigrant bashing,...Read more


Unease Disease

As Zika spreads in Florida and in the news, Americans are confused, even scared, and yet the GOP plays political games over funding emergency prevention and control. Gossip, witch hunts and some...Read more


The Trump Slump


America saw incidents of violence and bullying inspired by the rise of Donald Trump. And Democrats saw an unlikely contender overwhelm GOP rivals with unlikely voters. Now Republicans are having...Read more


Making Amendments But Not Amends


Trump says “Second Amendment people” might have a solution to Hillary Clinton then against the backlash, amends his comment to say it was about voting, not an assassination joke. This knocked out of...Read more


Khan vs. Con


Donald Trump mauled his GOP rivals, has manhandled most of the media, but has finally met his match in Khizr and Ghazala Khan. He didn't slow after insulting McCain, attacking Megyn Kelly, inciting...Read more


Time to Give 'Em Hill

Michelle Obama brought us to new heights, Biden brought us to the brink of tears, And President Obama brought down the house. But there's still one more night of the DNC. RNC speakers spent more time...Read more


The Sadly Conventional Donald Trump


It’s been nights of predictable political speeches, a few D-list celebrities and many children named Trump, far from the promise of a reality show spectacle unlike any convention we’d seen before...Read more


The SusPence is Almost Over


Will Newt make news, Christie be christened or Pence end the suspense? Will Clinton call on Kaine or coordinate with Castro or wow us with Warren? Will the #NeverTrump caucus quit? Will the DNC end...Read more


Under Fire and Over It


Clinton might be out of the furnace but she's still under fire for the conclusions of the FBI investigation. Trump is still in a GOP circular firing squad while also under fire for anti-Semitic...Read more


A Clattering, Battering Political Shattering


Turkey reels from explosions in Istanbul that terrorized the city, claimed over 40 lives, and struck at an airport that's a symbol of the globalized world, where East meets West. Britain -- and...Read more


Standing Up and Sitting In vs Shutting Down and Shutting Off


House Democrats stage a sit-in in Congress to demand action to reduce gun violence. GOP shuts down C-SPAN cameras, shuts off lights, and sits on its hands in response to the crisis. Senate Dems stood...Read more


Orlando, Outraged and Overwhelmed


The largest mass shooting in modern history murders 50 and injures many more, and while we do send thoughts and prayers to Orlando it’s also clear thoughts and prayers just aren’t enough. We could...Read more

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Knockout Punch?

With victories on a big primary night, Hillary Clinton delivered a blow -- to the glass ceiling of presidential primaries. Bernie Sanders is still standing for now with a campaign mobilizing millions...Read more