Obama Time, Overtime or Out Of Time?

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The Prez pushes overtime pay for more Americans as he realizes he may be running out of time to address growing inequality in our country. He and Putin stake out a stand-off in Ukraine, but as Crimea...Read more

Russians Rush In. Europe, You're Up.

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After upheaval upends Ukrainian government, Putin's put in a new position, Russians rush in and if you think we are jumping to conclusions you can Crimea river... Kerry carries on talks, Merkel's...Read more

When Definite Meets Defiant

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One day, the Ukrainian leader definitely stood firm. The next, he was ousted by a defiant nation and is on the run as the world races to react. Not long ago, same-sex marriage was a certain loser...Read more

Civil Unrest and the Uncivil Rest

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In Russia, Pussy Riot's post-prison protests lead to arrest under Putin's police power and assault by Cossack militia members. In Ukraine, anti-government unrest has exploded into clash and...Read more

They Raised the Ceiling, Now Raise the Floor

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Boehner's buddies bucked the Tea Party to lower the insanity and raise the debt ceiling. Could they show the same courage to lift up our nation by raising the minimum wage for millions of workers?...Read more

In Some Events the US Should Not Go for the Gold

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As the Olympics begin in a country that is a leader in silencing dissent and imprisoning citizens, it would be a good time for the United States to close Guantanamo and reform policing tactics. In...Read more

The Polar Vortex of US Politics

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While another deep freeze engulfs the country, a deeper freeze permeates US diplomacy, as critics cast a chill on negotiations with Iran and create slippery conditions for Syria talks.Read more

Washington Has Joined The Jersey Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd

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Chris Christie's not the only one with a bridge to sell you: in Washington, some argue the NSA never went to far, that Food Stamps promote a culture of dependency and that we'll get better internet...Read more

Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

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As America shivered through a historic freeze, Obama warmed up the discussion of poverty, the Senate passed unemployment benefits and debate shifted from austerity to inequality. While record lows...Read more

From Endured To Insured, Though Not Yet Assured

We survived a year of stalemate and shutdowns, shouting matches, sideshows and sh*t-storms, and somehow, despite setbacks and silliness, millions of Americans begin the new year insured. We made it...Read more

2013: Slow Down, Showdown, Snowden and Snowed In

A year that began with a bold Inauguration following a clear re-election and talk of mandate was mired in revelations of government spying, a stalled Washington agenda and a faulty website. A year...Read more

Congress Brakes for Break, But Is Already Broken

A year after the Newtown massacre, Congress still hasn't passed sensible gun laws. A year after the GOP announced a change of heart, Congress has done nothing on immigration reform. A year after...Read more

The World Misses Mandela, While Some Miss The Point

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As the world marks the passing of a historic figure, a man who united through words and action, some critics decided that the real story is who the American President shook hands with. As the world...Read more

The Party of Nope vs Hope and the Pope

While Fox News trumps up a War on Christmas, the Corporatocracy wages a war on Thanksgiving, expanding Black Friday into Bleak Thursday as workers leave family tables for retail spectacles. While...Read more

Thankful for Nuclear Options and New, Clear Options

The Senate addresses historic obstruction by dealing with dramatic filibuster dysfunction, enraging the GOP and engaging democracy to move forward on Presidential appointments. Iran talks turn into...Read more

Listening to Lincoln, Keeping up Kennedy

150 years ago, Lincoln extolled the importance of a government of, by and for the people. Today, the Gettysburg Address would be criticized by cable news for being too short to take seriously. 50...Read more

A Disaster Worse Than Metaphor

We talk of the roll-out "disaster" of Obamacare, but now see a real disaster of staggering scale: the typhoon and aftermath in the Philippines. We survived the "tragedy" of our shut-down, a game of...Read more

Running For Everything, Standing For Nothing

Two campaigns for governor come to an end yet we don't ask how these winners stand to govern -- rather how Christie's victory boosts his Presidential run and how McAuliffe's win may bolster Hillary's...Read more

A Halloween of Hollow Weenies

The shutdown ended, but the showdown continues as the mad hatters of The Tea Party extreme play dress up as grown-ups interested in governing while aiming to gut Social Security and Food Stamps. As...Read more

Government, Heal Thyself

The website launched by our tech-savvy Prez to help Americans access affordable healthcare has had so many glitches and crashes that it now requires its own emergency care. The right-wing that sought...Read more