This Can't Be America's Christmas Carol

While the season calls for Peace on Earth, we mourn victims in Newtown and everywhere. Instead of focusing on Goodwill for All, conservatives resist sensible Newtown, defend assault weapons and call to arm teachers.


Let's Get Fiscal -- And Get Physical

The GOP say the only way to address the debt is to weaken Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security, but we know that healthy, secure Americans make a healthier, more secure America.


New Deal vs No Deal

Tax fairness is a pillar of a successful economy but the GOP wants to further tax cuts for the rich without saying how they'll pay for those cuts...meaning working Americans will pay the tab.


Deficit Politics Of, By and For the Birds

As we see the devastating impact of climate change which needs bold investment in societal change, deficit hawks shrilly squawk over pocket change. Walmart workers need to rely on Food Stamps & Hostess employees run out of dough while the vulture capitalists keep on feeding.


Conservatives: Giving Thanks But Nothing More

While Walmart gives thanks for record profits it doesn't give its workers a living wage, health benefits or basic workplace rights. The right-wing gives thanks for America's strength, but won't give our country needed revenue, or give an inch on the top 1% paying its fair share.


Elections Come And Go, The GOP Stays The Same

The American people spoke on Election Day in support of the top 1% paying their fair share but Boehner & McConnell return to DC & immediately insist tax revenue is off the table.


Four More Years - Many More Beers

A historical, exhausting and costly campaign led to victory for a President who spent 4 years not tackling global warming, taxing billionaires, jailing bankers or reforming immigration.


The World We Fear, The Society We Want

Politicians who campaigned against each other have become elected officials who work together. After years of seeking Obama's Waterloo, the GOP now praises his leadership. We're not hearing rants against union thugs, but applause for first responders & relief workers.


When Getting Lumped Beats Being Trumped

With "horses and bayonets" Mitt started a weak week, spending half the final debate getting trounced and half agreeing with the man doing the trouncing.


Bidding Biden to be Rid of Ryan

After Romney came out swingin' and fightin', and Obama seemed to be duckin' and hidin' the Dems turn the next round to Joe Biden. The GOP's high-flyin' on Romney's lyin' and Obama's shy 'n tirin' sighin' but can they keep Dems fryin' with Paul Ryan?


Liar, Denier and Big Bird Fire-er

Mitt continued his big lie about Medicare -- and while Obama didn't take it lying down, he didn't stand up strongly enough, letting the lie live another day.


The GOP Is Banking on Replacement Refs

Romney's 47% insult to America was quickly followed by his 14% tax returns and an ever-diminishing percentage in the polls but he says it's still "early" in the race.


Mathematics vs. Mitt-Thematics

Mitt calls half of America dependents, implying they are freeloading moochers -- including the working poor, seniors & middle class families who pay payroll taxes.


Campaigns Bounce, Then Reality Bites

After the DNC got us re-fired and ready to go the next day's jobs report was ready to stall, so while the Prez enjoys a strong bounce, too many still suffer a weak slide.


Speech Us, Preach Us, But Will He Reach Us?

Michelle moved us, Castro connected, Warren whipped us up & Bill blew us away, but after a series of inspiring addresses, it's ultimately Barack Obama on the ballot.


Drinking Liberally During the DNC

Many of our chapters will be hosting watch parties this week for the Democratic Convention. Check out your local chapter's page to see what they are up to. Don't have a local chapter?


The Unconventionally Conventional GOP Convention

Chris Christie announced he'd speak blunt truths! ...then repeated common conservative canards, tired baseless attacks & predictable outright lies.


The GOP Is Akin All Over

The GOP thought they'd be flyin' high on the boost of Paul Ryan, but instead they find themselves brakin' to avoid the disaster that's Akin.


Paul Ryan: Making Romney Look Like The Moderate

Mitt Romney used to be moderate on abortion until he spent the primary attacking choice. Now he picks a running mate who co-sponsored a bill to declare personhood for fertilized eggs.