The GOP Is Banking on Replacement Refs

Romney's 47% insult to America was quickly followed by his 14% tax returns and an ever-diminishing percentage in the polls but he says it's still "early" in the race.

Mathematics vs. Mitt-Thematics

Mitt calls half of America dependents, implying they are freeloading moochers -- including the working poor, seniors & middle class families who pay payroll taxes.

Campaigns Bounce, Then Reality Bites

After the DNC got us re-fired and ready to go the next day's jobs report was ready to stall, so while the Prez enjoys a strong bounce, too many still suffer a weak slide.

Speech Us, Preach Us, But Will He Reach Us?

Michelle moved us, Castro connected, Warren whipped us up & Bill blew us away, but after a series of inspiring addresses, it's ultimately Barack Obama on the ballot.

Drinking Liberally During the DNC

Many of our chapters will be hosting watch parties this week for the Democratic Convention.

The Unconventionally Conventional GOP Convention

Chris Christie announced he'd speak blunt truths! ...then repeated common conservative canards, tired baseless attacks & predictable outright lies.

The GOP Is Akin All Over

The GOP thought they'd be flyin' high on the boost of Paul Ryan, but instead they find themselves brakin' to avoid the disaster that's Akin.

Paul Ryan: Making Romney Look Like The Moderate

Mitt Romney used to be moderate on abortion until he spent the primary attacking choice. Now he picks a running mate who co-sponsored a bill to declare personhood for fertilized eggs.

Political Summer Reruns, With No New Programs In Sight

Another devastating, fatal, senseless shooting. Another self-deceiving reply: "Who could have predicted?!" Another set of excuses not to talk about sensible gun laws.

Real-World Divisions vs Olympic-Sized Visions

Some competitors are caught doping, some are expelled for throwing matches, but at least none are going after each other with drone attacks or car bombs.

Facing Violence With More Than Silence

Politicians avoid talking gun control and get away with it when it's not an issue. Then a terrible act occurs, guns are an issue,

Batman Fights Bane, Mitt-Man is Bain

In the movies, a military contractor turns to peace and Iron Man ends up leading the Avengers. In the real world, military contractors stick to war and end up funding the conservative agenda.

It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity

As our nation faces a scorching heatwave in the midst of the hottest year on record, climate change deniers simply blame "summer."

Mitt Romney: No Declarations, Less Independence

Romney declared the health mandate wasn't a tax, fearful he'd seem a tax-increasing Governor; then sided with the Court declaring it is a tax,

From Courtly Demeanor to Courting Disaster

The Supreme Court used to respect precedent, but in refusing Montana's Citizens United challenge, a body of nine non-elected Justices ruled in favor

For Mitt's Every Action, An Equal and Opposite Retraction

Romney forcefully disagrees with the President over support of undocumented immigrant youth, but then back pedals from clarifying whether as President he'd repeal the policy.

The Right-Wing Urge To Purge

Florida plans a purge of its voter rolls, disenfranchising many of its own citizens ...because the most secure democracy is the one where the fewest participate.

When We Don't Remember, We Don't Recall

When we don't remember it was organized labor that brought us weekends, wages & work safety, it becomes easier to vote for a Governor

Romney: At Last, In Last, Just Plain Last

At last, Romney won the race by being the last one in the race. He did outlast the outcast cast but did he come in first, or hang out last?