The Best Laid Plans

While right wingers planned a government shutdown over their plans to defund Planned Parenthood Boehner announced an unplanned retirement, keeping the government open a few more months. Oklahoma...Read more

Pope and Change

Pope Francis comes to America and talks about the climate crisis facing us all, while President Obama makes climate change the next - and last? - priority of his presidency. The Pope invokes the...Read more

The Stopped Clock

Today, the 60-day countdown clock expires, meaning war hawks and Republicans have failed to sabotage the diplomatic deal with Iran. Last night, in a debate of backward and baseless ideas, 11...Read more

Refugees. Refuse-ees. Reuse-ees.

Instead of seizing an opportunity for diplomacy, Republicans are finding absurd new ways to reject, obstruct, sabotage and distract, in a futile tantrum to stop the Iran nuclear deal. As a refugee...Read more

Summer Crazy, Some Are Crazier

Congress returns next week to debate Iran, met with a speech by disgraced Dick Cheney and a rally by divisive Donald Trump -- and that's how war hawks hope to gain support! We experience another...Read more

Volatile, Vulnerable and Not So Venerable

Stocks plunge and rise turbulently, but the rising stock of Bernie Sanders and rising shock of Trump staying power are the more surprising stories of the week. The global economy’s in the headlines,...Read more

Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress?

Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress? Congress is enjoying their summer break, but many Republicans are eager to return to DC to launch baseless, ruthless attacks against one of America’s...Read more

The Good-ish, The Bad, The Really Really Ugly

The first GOP debate featured a competition to see who would treat immigrants the most cruelly, slash Planned Parenthood the most ferociously, and mock Hillary Clinton the most egregiously. Jeb...Read more

The Daily Show vs The Fail-y Show

Tonight, one man will leave the stage, beloved, admired, respected, missed. And 10 other men will earn a different reaction as they take the stage for the GOP debate. Jon Stewart has challenged the...Read more

Countdown to Crazytown

With Trump topping Republican polls, GOP pols are pulling no punches as they try to push their way to the top ten who win a prized position in the first debate. Cruz calls Obama a state-sponsor of...Read more

Unacceptable. Unelectable?

What happened to Sandra Bland is unacceptable — as is how unexceptional such incidents are and how tepid our nation’s political response has been. The opposition to the Iran deal is outrageous — as...Read more

When Pluto Feels Closer Than Plutocrats

President Obama announces a historic Iran deal, a triumph of diplomacy and breakthrough for peace, but this chance is lost on GOP war hawks who prefer a policy of fearmongering and endless war. As...Read more

Not Just Symbols, Not So Simple

As the Confederate flag comes down in SC, it’s more than just a symbolic victory in pushing back against white supremacy, yet not the one solution to racism in America. As NBC, Macy’s and the PGA...Read more

It’s All Greek To Me

Greece’s economic crisis transfixes Europe, yet it’s so far removed from most Americans that when you explain the problem and solutions, you might as well be speaking, well, Greek. Conservatives...Read more

Flags Furthered and Fallen

A horrendous crime in South Carolina spurs many states to retire a flag associated with a history of horrendous crimes since the days of the confederacy. The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling allows...Read more

Racing Race and Trumping Trump

A shooting in Charleston stops us in our tracks, yet Congress stands still on gun violence while racing to re-vote on Fast Track and scrambling to scuttle Obamacare. Amidst news of pool party police...Read more

Medicare or Meta-Careless

The President is pushing a trade deal by relying on Republicans, vilifying progressives, and enlisting the help of corporate America. The Heritage Foundation and the Tea Party are on the same side as...Read more

A Very Perry, Graham-Slammed, Am-Bushed Season

Before Jeb even officially announced he’s running, we’re already feeling bushed by reports about Bush, and are about to be ambushed but his money-machine. Now, Lindsey Graham joins the slam, Rick...Read more

Maybe FIFA Should Join the Republican Primary

Maybe FIFA Should Join the Republican Primary FIFA, which runs the World Cup, is given a red card for corruption. But in America, legalized bribery is pouring money into presidential politics. The...Read more

Marathon Men

Rand Paul launches a filibuster-ish fight as the principled voice protesting the Patriot Act, and speaks for a marathon 11 hours becoming, for a moment, an unlikely hero to the Left. In Boston, the...Read more