When Pluto Feels Closer Than Plutocrats


President Obama announces a historic Iran deal, a triumph of diplomacy and breakthrough for peace, but this chance is lost on GOP war hawks who prefer a policy of fearmongering and endless war. As...Read more


Not Just Symbols, Not So Simple


As the Confederate flag comes down in SC, it’s more than just a symbolic victory in pushing back against white supremacy, yet not the one solution to racism in America. As NBC, Macy’s and the PGA...Read more


It’s All Greek To Me

Greece’s economic crisis transfixes Europe, yet it’s so far removed from most Americans that when you explain the problem and solutions, you might as well be speaking, well, Greek. Conservatives...Read more


Flags Furthered and Fallen


A horrendous crime in South Carolina spurs many states to retire a flag associated with a history of horrendous crimes since the days of the confederacy. The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling allows...Read more


Racing Race and Trumping Trump

A shooting in Charleston stops us in our tracks, yet Congress stands still on gun violence while racing to re-vote on Fast Track and scrambling to scuttle Obamacare. Amidst news of pool party police...Read more


Medicare or Meta-Careless


The President is pushing a trade deal by relying on Republicans, vilifying progressives, and enlisting the help of corporate America. The Heritage Foundation and the Tea Party are on the same side as...Read more


A Very Perry, Graham-Slammed, Am-Bushed Season

Before Jeb even officially announced he’s running, we’re already feeling bushed by reports about Bush, and are about to be ambushed but his money-machine. Now, Lindsey Graham joins the slam, Rick...Read more


Maybe FIFA Should Join the Republican Primary


Maybe FIFA Should Join the Republican Primary FIFA, which runs the World Cup, is given a red card for corruption. But in America, legalized bribery is pouring money into presidential politics. The...Read more


Marathon Men


Rand Paul launches a filibuster-ish fight as the principled voice protesting the Patriot Act, and speaks for a marathon 11 hours becoming, for a moment, an unlikely hero to the Left. In Boston, the...Read more


Fast Track, Amtrak, Off-Track


After the Senate temporarily derailed efforts to rush approval of a corporate trade deal, looks like Democrats are now taking the wrong track and getting back on board with Fast Track. After the...Read more


Deflated Balls


Charges brought in Baltimore offer a modicum of hope to a deflated city that seems defined by despair. Dems and the prez battle over a massive trade deal that has deflated the spirits of those who...Read more


What’s black-and-white with Freddy Gray


In Baltimore, the clear tragedy of Freddie Gray has marked yet another death of a black male at the hands of those in uniforms of blue, leading to protests that are many shades of gray. The issue has...Read more


Waging Wars and Warring For Wages


Diplomacy could be the President’s lasting imprint, but hawks seek to undermine Iran negotiations, and Obama threatens to sabotage his own legacy as his ISIS escalation risks a new Mideast quagmire...Read more


Back to the Future


Delusional, warmongering Senate hawks talk about bombing a Middle East country. Last time it was Iraq, this time Iran — if you blur your vision, you might confuse the two. Big corporations’ cronies...Read more


Little Shock. Less Awe.


The nation is outraged by a video of a police officer killing and framing a man, but sadly the nation isn’t too surprised, as events such as these recur in the headlines. A historic announcement...Read more


Exodus and Easter from Indiana to Iran


In response to Indiana’s anti-LGBT legislation, businesses threatened such an Exodus that Pharaoh Pence is changing his tune. The outcry in Arkansas was so loud that Hutchinson couldn’t play Pontius...Read more


Not Quite Cruz Control


Ted Cruz launched the first official presidential bid, but his kick-off was mired in website spoofs, an audience obligated to attend his speech and news that his family’s going on Obamacare...Read more


Spring in the Air and in Obama’s Step


While Republicans cast a frozen gaze on the prospect of peace with Iran, the President welcomes a new season as diplomacy nears a nuclear deal. Conservatives continue to storm against healthcare and...Read more


Iran. We Ran. They’re Off And Running.

As the president runs a historic effort to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, the Republicans run to ruin diplomacy and in doing so, they run off the rails. Cruz, Rubio, Paul all want to run, but on...Read more


Message Mess

Netanyahu tries to mess with US diplomacy, and delivers a misguided message to Congress, but in the end, it mucked up the GOP’s march to war as hawkish Dems turn against Mitch McConnell mayhem. The...Read more