Disarming and Alarming


The Prez takes small, but real, action on firearms, so the NRA sounds its alarm bells, and GOP candidates promise to undo it — in spite of most Americans supporting the measure. When an armed crew...Read more


Pieces of Earth, Goodwill to Some?


The world is about to celebrate a holiday based on the refugee child of an unwed mother, while the the right wing spends its time demonizing refugees and single moms. The world is cheering for the...Read more


Haters, Baiters and Debaters


The world cheers a historic climate change accord, then Republicans immediately pile hate on the deal, the GOP candidates debate if climate science is real, and Congress pushes to lift an oil export...Read more


One America or Un-America?

The leading Republican presidential candidate proposes barring all Muslims from America, and while leaders of both parties criticize him, few Republicans disavow Trump's campaign as his poll numbers...Read more


A Shot in the Dark


A mass shooting in San Bernadino is horrific, fatal, and shocking -- yet with over 300 mass shootings this year, it's horrifically and fatally not shocking at all. Just days before, a gunman in...Read more


Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed


As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving meals, too many politicians are acting like turkeys giving shame and fear instead of thanks, and denying refugee families reasons to be thankful. Forgetting...Read more


The French Connection


A series of attacks in Paris and Beirut, and other actions by the Daesh extremists, have resonated around the world, connecting us in shock, outrage, and morning. For many Americans, "France's 9/11"...Read more


Missouri Loves Company


Mizzou students rise against racism and indifference, leading to resignations and more confrontations. And from Ithaca College to Yale University, more campuses are wrestling with racial tension...Read more


Mixed Nuts


The off-year elections send off mixed messages: from wins to regulate money in politics to a loss for healthcare in Kentucky's gov race, it's a foggy forecast for the year ahead. The president's...Read more


The GOP's Halloween Hollow Weenies


Marco Rubio can't justify his tax plans, so he attacks the media instead. Ted Cruz can't cruise past his rivals, so he sends cruise missiles at the moderators. Ben Carson denies he has any...Read more


Backward to the Future


Joe Biden wasn't running for president, but nobody believed him until he delivered a long campaign-style speech to announce that Joe Biden is "No" Biden, and that he is still not running for...Read more


The Bern Burn vs The Hill Thrill

The Democrats finally debate! Turns out Clinton isn't a pushover, everyone agrees with the Socialist, and Biden didn't join the fun. Hillary, Bernie and the rest of the cast competed on higher ed,...Read more


Violence Without Borders


A gunman executed 9 victims in Oregon, the latest massacre in an endless series, as the crusade for guns without limits leads to shootings that know no bounds. Our own airstrike made senseless...Read more


The Best Laid Plans


While right wingers planned a government shutdown over their plans to defund Planned Parenthood Boehner announced an unplanned retirement, keeping the government open a few more months. Oklahoma...Read more


Pope and Change


Pope Francis comes to America and talks about the climate crisis facing us all, while President Obama makes climate change the next - and last? - priority of his presidency. The Pope invokes the...Read more


The Stopped Clock


Today, the 60-day countdown clock expires, meaning war hawks and Republicans have failed to sabotage the diplomatic deal with Iran. Last night, in a debate of backward and baseless ideas, 11...Read more


Refugees. Refuse-ees. Reuse-ees.


Instead of seizing an opportunity for diplomacy, Republicans are finding absurd new ways to reject, obstruct, sabotage and distract, in a futile tantrum to stop the Iran nuclear deal. As a refugee...Read more


Summer Crazy, Some Are Crazier


Congress returns next week to debate Iran, met with a speech by disgraced Dick Cheney and a rally by divisive Donald Trump -- and that's how war hawks hope to gain support! We experience another...Read more


Volatile, Vulnerable and Not So Venerable


Stocks plunge and rise turbulently, but the rising stock of Bernie Sanders and rising shock of Trump staying power are the more surprising stories of the week. The global economy’s in the headlines,...Read more


Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress?


Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress? Congress is enjoying their summer break, but many Republicans are eager to return to DC to launch baseless, ruthless attacks against one of America’s...Read more