SCOTUS, POTUS and the Bloated Corrode-Us

Merrick Garland

While the president tries to do his job and ensure the Supreme Court does its job, the Senate Republicans shirk their jobs, and may, as a result, risk their own jobs. A strong Super Tuesday Two for...Read more

Primaries. Not a Secondary Concern.

republican debate

The Republicans wanted to focus on the general, on taking on Clinton and taking down Obama’s legacy, but instead have been taken for a wild ride on a primary challenge that has trumped all others...Read more

Courting Disaster

The Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death has become a disaster for democracy as GOP Senators pledge not to consider any nominee, a move that may prove a disaster for them as well. The...Read more

Supreme Hypocrisy

mitch mcconnell

After the news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, as the Prez ordered flags to half mast, the Republican Party raced past mourning to politicize his death as quickly as possible. Senator McConnell...Read more

Who's On First? Everybody's In Second!

Trump lost then won, Cruz rose then stopped, Rubio called third a win, then flopped, Jeb muddled in the middle, Christie and Fiorina dropped and by coming in second, Kasich came out on top. Hillary,...Read more

Nothing for Granted in the Granite State

Iowa ended in a virtual tie, the DNC ended its tight control of debates, and O’Malley ended his campaign entirely, as Clinton and Sanders try to end up on top in NH. A Cruz Missile took down high-...Read more

The Case of the Curious Caucus

How wild will right-wing voters run, will Trump triumph or be lumped, will Cruz cruise or will he lose, and how many of the GOP menagerie won't make it past Monday's caucus? Will Hillary prevail and...Read more

Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours

Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours Goldman Sachs, guns, Obamacare, the “establishment,” heat up the race between Clinton and Sanders. But how hot can the rhetoric get before it bubbles over...Read more

State of the Union vs. State of Confusion

The president delivers a final State of the Union declaring the economy strong and America secure. But if you listen to presidential candidates of both parties, they are campaigning on exactly the...Read more

Disarming and Alarming

The Prez takes small, but real, action on firearms, so the NRA sounds its alarm bells, and GOP candidates promise to undo it — in spite of most Americans supporting the measure. When an armed crew...Read more

Pieces of Earth, Goodwill to Some?

The world is about to celebrate a holiday based on the refugee child of an unwed mother, while the the right wing spends its time demonizing refugees and single moms. The world is cheering for the...Read more

Haters, Baiters and Debaters

The world cheers a historic climate change accord, then Republicans immediately pile hate on the deal, the GOP candidates debate if climate science is real, and Congress pushes to lift an oil export...Read more

One America or Un-America?

The leading Republican presidential candidate proposes barring all Muslims from America, and while leaders of both parties criticize him, few Republicans disavow Trump's campaign as his poll numbers...Read more

A Shot in the Dark

A mass shooting in San Bernadino is horrific, fatal, and shocking -- yet with over 300 mass shootings this year, it's horrifically and fatally not shocking at all. Just days before, a gunman in...Read more

Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed

As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving meals, too many politicians are acting like turkeys giving shame and fear instead of thanks, and denying refugee families reasons to be thankful. Forgetting...Read more

The French Connection

A series of attacks in Paris and Beirut, and other actions by the Daesh extremists, have resonated around the world, connecting us in shock, outrage, and morning. For many Americans, "France's 9/11"...Read more

Missouri Loves Company

Mizzou students rise against racism and indifference, leading to resignations and more confrontations. And from Ithaca College to Yale University, more campuses are wrestling with racial tension...Read more

Mixed Nuts

The off-year elections send off mixed messages: from wins to regulate money in politics to a loss for healthcare in Kentucky's gov race, it's a foggy forecast for the year ahead. The president's...Read more

The GOP's Halloween Hollow Weenies

Marco Rubio can't justify his tax plans, so he attacks the media instead. Ted Cruz can't cruise past his rivals, so he sends cruise missiles at the moderators. Ben Carson denies he has any...Read more

Backward to the Future

Joe Biden wasn't running for president, but nobody believed him until he delivered a long campaign-style speech to announce that Joe Biden is "No" Biden, and that he is still not running for...Read more