Lofty Pursuits or Petty Lawsuits

The House Republicans could be pursuing solutions to the migrant youth at the border or sensible answers to our energy problems, but instead are focused on suing the President.


The Bombs Bursting in Err

At first, it seemed it must be an accident -- why would rebels shoot down a passenger flight sending hundreds of families into mourning and shocking the international community?


Human Rights. Human Wrongs.

Many residents of Detroit may have their water shut off. No matter how broken the city or broke the residents, can't we keep a little hope, and a little water, running, or will we really deny them this basic right?


Border Issues and Broader Issues

The crisis of tens of thousands of childrenfrom Central America crossing the US border isn't isolated, nor only about immigrationbut about how we act compassionately as a nation.


The Justices Could Use a New Hobby

The Supreme Court ruled against women, reproductive health, family planning and science, deciding the rights corporations count more.

From Mississippi to Iraq, Opposites Attract

In a unanimous decision on cell phone privacy, the often-divided Supreme Court pulled together.To address Iraq's insurgency and uncertainty, the US and Iran may actually have to communicate.


Iraq Hacks Are Back

A broken, bleeding Iraq worsens daily, the citizens of Baghdad live in fear and the Bush-Cheney gang reappears declaring this proves their way was right.

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What the Right-Wing Won't, Dems Don't & Cantor Can't

Iraq can't contain the extremist elements that have now taken control of Mosul. America can't control the extremist elements that cause terror, opening fire at our schools.

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When Can We Start Regulating Hot Air?

The President finally gets serious about the climate and some Democrats retreat, claiming it will cost jobs, really meaning they are scared for their own jobs.

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Through the Looking Glass, but Far From Wonderland

In Egypt, the new President about to be elected led the ouster of the last elected President who followed the ouster of the prior President, who had previously been a military commander.

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If We Wanted a Bush White House, We'd Have Elected Jeb

An administration is issuing a memo to assure us that assassination is legal because it was called target killing. A scandal of misconduct at VA hospitals reveals that despite pro-veteran rhetoric our leadership isn't paying enough attention.

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Feckless Mining, Reckless Undermining

As Republicans mine for votes, their focus on undermining the President prohibits progress on national priorities from job creation to infrastructure investment.

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Enough Global Climate Change, How About Political Climate Change?

Reports are conclusive about climate change and the President is taking and urging new actions, but denials and distractions will stall progress until there's a change in the climate in Washington.

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Gases and Gasbags

The Supreme Court has upheld the ability of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases. Will the President uphold his responsibility to offer more action and less hot air on this issue?

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Will April Stand-Offs Bring May Hand-Offs?

Ignoring climate change, inequality and unemployment, America has focused on a showdown with a Nevada rancher, which now transforms from news story to GOP talking point for this year's midterms and the Presidential race to come.

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Tea Party Pharaohs and Right-Wing Romans

At Passover, we tell the story of a Pharaoh who was inhospitable to strangers in his land. In America today, it's Tea Party that attacks anyone in favor of sensible immigration reform.

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Maybe Obama Should Take Up Painting

The left criticizes Obama over NSA surveillance,
lack of action on climate change and immigration,
and being too conciliatory with the big banks.

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Seven Million - Check. Untold Millions - Unchecked.

The healthcare push led to 7 million sign-ups,
surpassing the Administration's targets,
and giving a boost to this new program,
while getting more Americans covered.

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Cold War, Cool War, Old War, New War?

In Russia's recent power plays and provocation, some commentators compare to 1930s Europe, others see the specter of the Soviet spread, but it's really a new challenge to the new world order.

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The Weight of the World, The Wait of the World

Russia has annexed Crimea. Ukraine is pulling out its troops. The world knows it has the burden to respond yet everyone waits to see who will go first.