The Congress Regress

Before the new Congress was even sworn in, Republicans attempted to make their first act gutting the independence of ethics investigations, until they were scared off by public outrage. Congress...Read more

Unsilent Plight, Unholy Fright

In the season of “peace on Earth,” Trump talks of expanding our nuclear arsenal and picks fights with foreign leaders on Twitter. In the season “good will to all,” he repeats calls to ban Muslims and...Read more

From Russia With Love

Trump seems to have taken Russia's support as CIA evidence points to Russian efforts to interfere with our elections,... with Putin personally involved. He took Russia's ally as Secretary of State,...Read more

Let’s Get Ready to Crumble

A climate change denier at the EPA. An anti-worker fast food exec at Labor. Ben Carson in charge of anything. And now the WWE exec at Small Business. A team to tear down our functioning government...Read more

The Corrupted, Co-opted Conflicter-in-Chief.

The Cabinet is becoming a House of Horrors, a mix of inexperience and wrong experience, from 1%ers to Medicare privateers to Islamaphobes even before Palin or Giuliani have found their seats. Twitter...Read more

Politically Tough Living, But Still Thanksgiving

Trump is using his new role to boost business deals, meet developers, and bring his daughter who’ll run his empire into top tier governmental meetings. He’s using his appointments to elevate white...Read more

It's Mourning in America

An antisemitic, misogynistic, white supremacist as senior White House strategist makes the chair of the divisive, destructive GOP. becoming Chief of Staff seem downright reasonable. A transition...Read more

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

They said it was impossible. That the chance of victory was too small. Then the Cubs won the World Series with the same odds as Trump’s. People took comfort in projections. Maybe even got a little...Read more

An Election Scarier than Halloween

A Trump presidency. Scary. The threat his followers will declare that Hillary Clinton is illegitimate in a new "birther" style movement. Also scary. Trump's call for voter intimidation. Frightening...Read more

Conceited, But Not Conceding

Donald Trump refuses to commit to honoring the results of the election. Yet he accuses Clinton of disrespecting the law. He lashes out at his female accusers, demeaning their looks, sticking by “...Read more

Trump’s Class Dismissed

Trump tries to dismiss leaked tapes as no more than locker room talk. But Americans recognize the difference between locker rooms and sexual assault. Republican leaders try to dismiss Trump after too...Read more

Kaine and Unable

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence faced off, with Kaine articulating a progressive vision, and Pence unable to decide whether he’s running for VP in 2016 or President in 2020. Kaine attacked Trump’s bigotry...Read more


It’s not just that on Monday night Donald Trump bullied, interrupted constantly and lied repeatedly, it’s that he followed the debate with accusations of moderator bias and even a rigged microphone...Read more

Take the Bait to the Debate

Attacks in NY, NJ and Minnesota put terror central to the public debate, but must we take the bait to overreact with fears, phobias and martial measures? Killings of unarmed Black men by police lead...Read more

Tightening and Frightening

Trump supporters attack protesters, his campaign retweets neo-Nazi imagery, he praises Putin, discounts sexual assault, but Clinton's denounced for saying "deplorable." Trump's foundation is rife...Read more

Democracy Fall or Fall of Democracy?

As we pass Labor Day and move toward fall, we enter the official "election season" with tightening polls, a Trump boost, and a race closer than many of us can believe. As America and China affirm...Read more

Time to Build a Wall Around Trump?

Trump went to Mexico with one message. He then came to a rally in Arizona and returned to trumped-up bigotry calling immigrants dangerous criminals. After a year of hard-line immigrant bashing,...Read more

Unease Disease

As Zika spreads in Florida and in the news, Americans are confused, even scared, and yet the GOP plays political games over funding emergency prevention and control. Gossip, witch hunts and some...Read more

The Trump Slump

America saw incidents of violence and bullying inspired by the rise of Donald Trump. And Democrats saw an unlikely contender overwhelm GOP rivals with unlikely voters. Now Republicans are having...Read more

Making Amendments But Not Amends

Trump says “Second Amendment people” might have a solution to Hillary Clinton then against the backlash, amends his comment to say it was about voting, not an assassination joke. This knocked out of...Read more