Paul Ryan Should Get This: ObamaCare is here to Stay

I consider it a great shame to this nation the United States, being the most prosperous country on the earth, that for decades, our health care system has been so Continue Reading → The post Paul...Read more

Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Rant Shows Fear and Ignorance

I will give Senator Rand Paul (KY) credit for being steadfast with his filibuster, which says he actually believes what he is saying, or else he has serious designs on Continue Reading → The post...Read more

Gay Marriage: Why the Sea Change in Public Opinion?

I think most of my gay brothers and sisters are still pinching themselves, expecting to wake up any moment to realize that it was all just a dream and we Continue Reading → The post Gay Marriage: Why...Read more

We do not need another Bush in the White House

I was reading in USA Today an article about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a book he has published concerning immigration. The article also discussed a possible campaign by Continue Reading →...Read more

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Needs to Explain “Racial Entitlement”

The United States Supreme Court recently listened to a challenge to the Voting Rights Act in which the question before the court is “about whether the federal government should still Continue Reading...Read more

Bead-Reader #3 Dick Cheney, Go Away!

I know I speak for many when I say these words: Dick Cheney Go Away! Let us all be honest, here is a man who deserves to be imprisoned for Continue Reading → The post Bead-Reader #3 Dick Cheney, Go...Read more

Medicare and Social Security Can Expect Cuts

If there is ever a deal between Congress and the president, to divert cuts and find some common ground, or should I say some fair trades, the big three entitlements Continue Reading → The post...Read more

Equality for Gay Americans Not Complete Until the End of DOMA

The presidency of Barack Obama has brought a sea change to Gay rights, with the repeal of DODT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and the president’s announcement that he supports same-sex Continue Reading →...Read more

Obama’s State of the Union: Big Dreams, Little Hope, But Great Legacy

I for one hope President Barack Obama will see fruition to everything he asks for in his first State of the Union address of his second term. Many of the Continue Reading → The post Obama’s State of...Read more

Why Some Children Never Seem to Matter

I am sure that most of us care about our children, we care about other people’s children, and we care what happens to them. Still, children around the world are Continue Reading → The post Why Some...Read more

A Congress of Hope or a Congress Divided

Recently, since the new Congress has taken their seats, there has been some bipartisanship efforts that have come forward mostly from the Senate, even on some major issues, such as Continue Reading...Read more

Bead-Reader #2 – NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Speaks Only for Gun Makers and Buyers

Mr. Pierre deserves to be on this Bead-Reader’s list. He is way out of touch with the world he lives in and his paranoia affects way too many people. First Continue Reading → The post Bead-Reader #2...Read more

Boy Scouts of America: Openly Gay People More Trustworthy

Many of us grow enlightened while some remain in the dark — when it comes to understanding anything about gay people. For one thing, a gay person is no more Continue Reading → The post Boy Scouts of...Read more

The Congress We voted for at 14 percent Approval Rating

Congress as a whole is very unpopular with the American people. Here is a branch of government that should be the collective representation of all our interests and yet the Continue Reading → The...Read more

NRA President LaPierre in Speech, Defends “Absolutism”

After President Obama referred to “Absolutism” in his Second Inaugural address to the nation, the president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre attacked the president’s use of the word by defending Continue...Read more

Obama’s Second Presidential Inauguration: Here is Hoping for Greatness

President Barack Obama has finally crossed the last threshold into his second term as president. His speechwriter deserves great praise for a speech I believe will be historical in its Continue...Read more

Great Excerpts from Obama Second Inauguration Speech

President Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural speech to me was one of his most elegant and the most well said speech I have ever heard from him, and I have heard Continue Reading → The post Great...Read more

Does the NRA Believe Owning Rocket Launcher Second Amendment Right?

We live in an age where one country can literally destroy another country, blow it entirely off the map. We also know there are people out there in the world Continue Reading → The post Does the NRA...Read more

Ideology and the Voices We Follow

Throughout my life, I have listened to others, and at times — at least during my younger years — I obeyed some of those voices and I was led down roads that perhaps I would have been better off if I...Read more

America’s First Gay President: Coming Out Sometime in the Future

This may seem farfetched at this time in our history but I assure you, America will someday have an out-of-the-closet and into your hearts, gay president. As a gay man, I found it exciting when...Read more