Bernie Sanders Supporters

Why Bernie Sanders supporters are being hypocritical by criticizing Hillary Clinton's support for the 1993 Crime Bill

First, let me start by saying I am a supporter. I'm also a supporter. No matter who wins the Democratic Nomination, I will support them in the General Election. Over...


How to Start a Successful Political Blog


First, you can start writing your political blog here . If you are ready to start writing your political blog, click the ARTICLE menu tab at the very top of the site. The main purpose of this post is... - The O'Keefe Brief: 4 Reasons Why Young People are "Feeling the Bern"

If you want to know why young people are feeling the bern. The O'Keefe Brief gives you 4 good reasons why! Please tell us why you are feeling the bern in the comments below. Go ! The O...


Black Motorist Pulled Over For Making Direct Eye Contact With a Police Officer (Video)


When people talk about white supremacy​ this is a perfect example. 60 years ago, blacks in the south couldn't look whites in the eye. If you did it was a sign of disrespect punishable by death. Now...


Uber takes on NYC Mayor De Blasio with cheap political tatics


Over the past few days Uber has launched an aggressive ad campaign targeting NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. The Mayor was targeted because he supports a plan that will slow the growth of Uber cars in New...


Ted Cruz's Latest Dick Move

During a stump speech in Michigan this week Ted Cruz said: “Joe Biden … You know what the nice thing is? You don’t even need a punch line. I promise you it works. At the next party you’re at, just...


The GOP and the Molester

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worst for the GOP Presidential field. The top 2016 candidates get caught in a relationship with a child molester. So what would you do? Well if you are Mike...


George Stephanopoulos Mess. Not So Fast


Lets start by acknowledging that George Stephanopoulos fuck up. Mr. Stephanopoulos should have disclosed that he donated to the Clinton Foundation when he interviewed "Clinton Cash" author Peter...


One Woman Discovers The Wage Gap


BuzzFeed created an amazing video to draw more attention to the gender wage gap in the United States. Below that video is a chart by AAUW that shows the gender wage gap by state. One Woman Discovers...


Mindy Kaling's Brother Says He Faked Being Black To Get Into Med School


Vijay Chokal-Ingam (Older Brother of Mindy Kaling ) claims that he posed as a black man while he applied to medical schools in 1998 because he believed he had a better chance of gaining acceptance...


Ted Cruz Tell's Little Girl "Your World is on Fire" (Video)

Now of course Ted Cruz wasn't being literal, but when you talk crazy some people will believe you. Maybe it's time for Ted Cruz to turn it down a bit. Watch what happens when you say crazy things at...


Are You Better Off Then You Were Six Years Ago? HELL YES!!


If you are wondering if you are better off then you were four, five, or six years ago. Please take a look at the below chart and judge for yourself.

#Obamacare and Jobs

#Obamacare is a Job Creator

For the last five years the GOP has said #Obamacare would kill jobs. And some people actually believe them. Well people, it's time to look at some data. And the data is pretty clear. #Obamacare is...


Top 4 Republican State of the Union Response Fuckups

My question is why does the oppisition keep giving #SOTU responses. They always go bad and nothing good comes of it besides this list I created....hahaha! #1 MICHELE BACHMAN: WHERE IS THE CAMERA?...


Why Is An African Life Worth Less?


While I mourn for the 17 people who lost their lives in France to the hands of terriost, people need to see what also happen in African at the same time. Why is the outrage so muted for the lives...


Racist song at charity event compares Michael Brown to King Kong


Joe Scarborough: Cops don’t shoot people with hands in air


Dear Joe Scarborough, You said cops don't shoot people with their hands up? I did a quick Google video search that contradicts you. I suggest you do the same.


Bill Cosby Talks About Drugging Women in his 1969 Comedy Routine


To be fair, the Spanish Fly bit was apart of many comedians routines until the early 80's. And the allegations that women would become hot and bothered by the dried bodies of these beetles is false...


John McCain Says He’s ‘Vetted a Number of’ Syrian Rebels and ‘They Can Be Trusted’


When I saw John McCain's interview on Fox News yesterday criticizing Rand Paul's position on Arming the Syrian Rebels and asserting that he has vetted thousands of Syrian Rebels during his 1-day trip...


New Video Emerges of Brown Shooting Aftermath


Cell phone video taken by Ferguson resident Piaget Crenshaw and shown by CNN on Monday provides more footage of the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.