The Media: Where are the Moderate Muslims?

The Media: Where are the Moderate Muslims?

I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning and the panel was discussing the lack of moderate Muslims who actively speak out against radical Islam. I was struck by arrogance and ignorance of the panel.


Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite {Video}

The Nation uncovered, Dobbs has been relying on undocumented workers for years to maintain the upkeep of his homes and of the horses he bought for his daughter.


Rick Sanchez May Be Looking For Work

Rick Sanchez may have just joined the unemployed. Appearing on Sirius's Standup! with Pete Dominick, calls Jon Stewart a bigot, and pretty much says JEWS run the media. Didn't that museum shoot say the same thing. Damn Rick, you have lost it all.



Health Reform In Action

Liberals need to stop crying over a single payer system and fully support Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill. Because once Republicans are in office they will try to repeal it and you will be really upset then. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


Christine O'Donnell - Mice with Human Brains

Christine O'Donnell thinks there are mice with human brains!


Top 10 Stupidest Criticism of President Obama

This goes to show you that people will criticize the President no matter what he does or says. And the media will report on it no matter what. Let me know if you have one I missed!


A Brief History of Intolerance in America

This is a great timeline that shows what happens when fear takes over for rational thought. Please see below:


Ground Zero Mosque...Are You Sure?

I was bored today, so I went looking for the Ground Zero Mosque. Guess what I found...........