John Sununu Bring Race Up Again: Colin Powell's Endorsement

Its official, like 2008 the Republicans are saying Colin Powell is endorsing Obama because he is black. I hope people understand how outrages this is, that a man like Colin Powell is treated in such...Read more

SNL spoofs Romney's '47 percent'

Mitt Romney has to escape the characterture that is building about him. But why would he do this to us. We need to laugh more and more....But on a serous note, the media has under played the impact...Read more

Mitt Romney Controversial Remarks: What's Next

Mitt Romney has step in a giant mess (47% of the country is upset….hahahaha!) and right now he seems to not have a good plan to get out of the mess he created. So the strategy for Mr. Romney is...Read more

Top 10 Crazy Quotes After The Healthcare Ruling

After the supreme court ruled in favor of the healthcare mandate, many conservatives lost their heads and said some really ridicules things. I made a list! 10. Michael Reagan: “This kept us on the...Read more

Chris Christie "bunch of people sittin’ on a couch" WHAT?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that the U.S. is turning into a “paternalistic entitlement society” that will bankrupt the country financially and morally because “we’ll have a bunch of...Read more

Top 5 Reasons Rick Santorum Won't Be President

Why Rick Santorum Won't Be President? It's all in his words! 1. “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual [gay] sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you...Read more

Whitney Houston sings the National Anthem -- Star Spangled Banner

If you are wondering what Whitney Houston has to do with Politics, just think back to the controversy in 1992 when she was picked to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV . Some people said she...Read more

Top 10 Things Republicans Will Say About Obama’s Role In Qadhafi’s Death

#10. The Libyan people deserve all the credit #9. Obama violated Qadhafi’s civil rights #8. Bush would have killed Khadafy years ago #7. Kaddafi should have been killed months agoRead more

I’ve Seen Enough

The response from the Republican party to the attack on Libya (with UN / Arab League support) has been confusing. Some say the President waited too long (Senator John McCain) and some say he shouldn’...Read more

What is the White Citizens Council?

I took about five minutes out of my work day to Google the White Citizens Council; AKA The Citizens Council. Why? I wanted to give people a better perspective on Gov Barbour’s comments about the...Read more

Racist Elements in the Tea Party {Video}

Al Reynolds is an original Tea Party activist in Chicago and he believes “Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing To Education”.Read more

The Media: Where are the Moderate Muslims?

The Media: Where are the Moderate Muslims?

I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning and the panel was discussing the lack of moderate Muslims who actively speak out against radical Islam. I was struck by arrogance and ignorance of the...Read more

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite {Video}

The Nation uncovered, Dobbs has been relying on undocumented workers for years to maintain the upkeep of his homes and of the horses he bought for his daughter.Read more

Rick Sanchez May Be Looking For Work

Rick Sanchez may have just joined the unemployed. Appearing on Sirius's Standup! with Pete Dominick, calls Jon Stewart a bigot, and pretty much says JEWS run the media. Didn't that museum shoot say...Read more