Political Survival of Small Parties in Europe

Spoon, J. (2001). Political Survival of Small Parties in Europe. Michigan: University of Michigan Press.



LGBT Literature: Love Among The Bloomies--The Gay Writers Of The Bloomsbury Group

LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.


SCOTUS To Hear Case On Online Death Threats

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will be hearing a case that could have important ramifications for online communications and the legalities of imposing limits and controls on them. The appellant is claiming that the first amendment gives him a right to engage in speech that bothers other people.


For White Folks supporting the struggle

Susan Mason- a white person who totally gets it!- says this: 


Warthog "Dilgermobile" to Iraq !!

George Bush gave Iraq to Iran.

Then he gave $100-billion in military equipment to the Iaqi Army. Who gave $30-billion of it to ISIS.


U of MA at Amherst Severs Ties With Bill Cosby

The list of people and organizations trying to get as far away from Bill Cosby as possible keeps growing. Now his alma mater has shown him the door.


Immigration Breathes New Life Into Tea Party

In the huge pile of efforts to analyze the Republican victory in the midterm elections, there has been a marked tendency to credit the success of the centrist Republican leadership in bringing the Tea Party under control.



I represent the truth of freedom’s purpose
within the colors of our flag unfurled
Not bound by left or right or center leaning
I am America . . . I am the World


Univ Of Virginia Latest Rape Culture Battle Ground

The University of Virginia is presently the focus of major controversy over fraternities and what many see as a widespread campus rape culture.


Thankful, Rageful, Hopeful, Forceful

The failure to indict in Ferguson has stirred anger, fear, outrage, surprise, and calls for justice, reform, peace, honesty, but giving thanks isn’t the first instinct for most.



( image courtesy of americanaljazera.com )

Systematic Genocide ??



How's that for Keep It Simple, Stupid ???

On our side, what the Democratic Party has to offer is deterrence. We are talking rape here. Deterrence is all there is that can matter to women.