Meta: Why Many Of Us Hide Behind Walls


Most of us don’t want the rabid Internet in our private and business lives, some like Ellen Pao cant avoid that connection E llen Pao was at the heart of two of 2015’s biggest feminist...Read more


Ted Cruz is Dangerous, Ruthlessly Efficient and a FAR Greater Threat to America’s Future Than Donald Trump

America and the world have been stunned by the success of Donald Trump. His dangerous, eccentric rhetoric has been extremely controversial and divides opinion within media circles and the general...Read more


MSF Kunduz Etc


Yes, more on this story, although little in the media since the 25th of November After two months of in-depth investigations following the US airstrikes that destroyed the Médecins Sans Fronti...Read more


Who should Sanders pick as a running mate?

Sanders has some work to do to win the Democratic nomination, but for the sake of entertaining ourselves, there’s no harm in wondering who would make a good vice-presidential running mate. And...Read more


"And Then There Were Too Many"


The Republican presidential race for 2016 has turned into a horrific take off of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel, “And Then There Were None.” While there are strong parallels with...Read more


High Nope: Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie Is Offensive To Native Americans…And Anyone With A Sense of Humor


During it’s brief stint as an original content creator, Netflix has proven itself to be a magnificent judge of character, providing audiences with shows that are exquisitely made as they are...Read more


Let's Walk Down Memory Lane, Shall We! If you were too young...Read and Learn


There seems to be a lot of Primary Colors flaming here lately and mostly RED HOT. I want to remind, gently of course the members here who either forgot, were too young or choose not to think about a...Read more


Dear FSM. I'm Sick This Primary Season


With some supporters putting me off any candidate. The final straw is the DNC data fiasco, nobody appears to have done anything illegal such as hacking, the data storage was insecure. The mistake was...Read more


30% of Republicans want to bomb Agrabah, the fictional city in Disney's 'Aladdin'


Have you heard the one about the Disney terrorist from Agrabah? Well it seems Republicans sure have. In a recent survey done by Public Policy Polling, 30% of Republican primary voters want to bomb...Read more


Do you believe Clinton is unaware of top fossil fuel donors?


Hillary Clinton’s opponents in the Democratic primary pledged to not take donations from the fossil fuel industry . It’s an appropriate response to the fossil fuel industry’s...Read more


Martin Shkreli, the internet's most hated pharma bro, was arrested this morning


Most people are wondering what too so dang long. Martin Shkreli has been on self destruct mode for at least 2 years now, some may say more. But the twittersphere is having some major fun at his...Read more


Why the GOP Can’t Dislodge Donald Trump

The prevailing wisdom about Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination is that voters backing the GOP front runner are, on the whole, white , older, less educated , and...Read more


Haters, Baiters and Debaters


The world cheers a historic climate change accord, then Republicans immediately pile hate on the deal, the GOP candidates debate if climate science is real, and Congress pushes to lift an oil export...Read more


Bernie's College


Recent polling suggests Bernie Sander’s push for free college education would be of great benefit to this country. An ABC/ Washington Post poll shows that support for Donald Trump among Republicans...Read more


Home of the Brave? Why are 70 percent of Americans Afraid?


There was a poll on MSM stating that 70 percent of Americans are afraid of ISIS. Really? Here are your huddled masses afraid of a Muslim or a Black teenager when they should be afraid of the gun nut...Read more




Florida is a closed primary state. You must be registered as a member of a party to vote in its Presidential Preference Primary. With the number and quality (or lack of) of candidates running in the...Read more




Chicago Police just released a dash-can video of a police officer jumping out of his patrol car and unloading his firearm into a black teenager. This teenager was armed with a small folding knife,...Read more


Upside Downtrodden - episode 128


EPISODE 128 TOPIC: ART EPISODE 128 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - DREAMINGZEBRA.ORG, WORDS TO LIVE BY EPISODE 128 GUEST: DR. PAUL BACKER We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-...Read more