5 1/2 Years of Obama: Where are we now!

A few months ago I re-tweeted an image that illustrated where the country was economically in Jan 2009  vs. the end of Q4 2013. So I decided to update that same chart using Q2 2014 numbers.

Human Rights. Human Wrongs.

Many residents of Detroit may have their water shut off. No matter how broken the city or broke the residents, can't we keep a little hope, and a little water, running, or will we really deny them

Arizona Politician Adam Kwasman Makes a Big Mistake

Arizona Republican congressional candidate Adam Kwasman tweeted out the below message to show his disdain for the influx of migrant children looking for asylum in the United States.

US Economy Needs Some Inflation

So many conservative politicians, I won’t name names, have been on the Feds’ case (Federal Reserve Bank), accusing it of a libertine attitude and a penchant for accommodative monetary policies whic

Joe Scarborough miss quotes AG Eric Holder

Joe Scarborough miss quotes AG Eric Holder, then he wants to move on after he gets called out by Eugene Robinson. How about apologizes for the miss quote and then move on.  

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Mitch

Mitch McConnell has a message for his female and student constituents.

Affordable Care Act's Dramatic Impact On The Uninsured In Two Charts

The below charts show the dramatic impact the Affordable Care Act has had on uninsured Americans.

Border Issues and Broader Issues

The crisis of tens of thousands of childrenfrom Central America crossing the US border isn't isolated, nor only about immigrationbut about how we act compassionately as a nation.

Hobby Lobby

What a ludicrous name for such an important case - Hobby Lobby!  

Stand by Your Woman

The ruling by SCOTUS on Monday that allows Hobby Lobby and other corporations of its ilk to strategically deny certain health care benefits to their female employees is nothing less than stunning.

The Justices Could Use a New Hobby

The Supreme Court ruled against women, reproductive health, family planning and science, deciding the rights corporations count more.  

The Rise Of Online Harassment

Recently there's been a lot of attention in the news on issues involving the internet from "net neutrality" to the recent Supreme Court decision on Aereo, but what hasn't received as much attention

From Mississippi to Iraq, Opposites Attract

In a unanimous decision on cell phone privacy, the often-divided Supreme Court pulled together.To address Iraq's insurgency and uncertainty, the US and Iran may actually have to communicate.

The US does not Get It!

With the appointment of 13 new M

Global Warming Time-lapse

The debate over Gloabal Warming has been raging over the last 20-30 years, if not longer. The image below illustrates where we will be in 2099.

Iraq Hacks Are Back

A broken, bleeding Iraq worsens daily, the citizens of Baghdad live in fear and the Bush-Cheney gang reappears declaring this proves their way was right.
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