Biggest Shakeup in History.. VA to fire 1000 and more !!!!!!

.  Sec. McDonald reported on CNN yesterday that the VA is undergoing some big, and I mean BIG changes.   President Obama Apointee Sec. McDdonald appeared on CNN and reported that many many people were losing their jobs.


Despite Democratic Losses, Progressivism Won

Before last Tuesday's 2014 midterm election, Democrats held power in the U.S. Senate and White House.  By November 5th, Republicans had taken control of Congress.

Progressivism won.


Breaking: Iraqi News echoes ISIS announcement that al-Baghdadi has died.

Al-I’tisaam Media has posted this announcement:

"We will soon publish details about the killing of the Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the nomination of a new Caliphate for the Islamic State."


Democrats didn't vote in 2010 & 2014. Senate, House, Governors. Almost Everywhere. Really ???

Please, a small unobtrusive "CaT" diary.

No Martians, no commies at Department of State. Nothing but stat for the CaT. And a worry that Hart InterCivic and other RW investment shops have bought their way in to the voting machine industry.


It doesn't pay to be a fossil fuel Democrat on election day

This was a difficult election for Democrats and it was even worse for Democrats still pushing fossil fuels.


Montana KKK Attempts Rebranding That Sets New Record For Political Bull***t

I learned a long time ago not to be too surprised by anything that comes along in the way of political spin. However, my ability to remain detached has just been exceeded.


The Truth About Makers And Takers :



Those who labor and sweat to make corporate profits
and who contribute funds to our country’s tax system.



Xi and Obama Jockeying For Position At APEC Summit

The leaders of the Pacific rim nations are gathering in Beijing for the annual APEC summit meeting. There is no shortage of political drama associated with it.


The Florida vote for Scott helped Jeb be the nominee for the GOP

I have no proof of this but I do have high speculation that this is the  GOP strategy for 2016.  Why would all of that money be dumped into Florida for a pleader of the 5th?   Why would the republicans turn out in big numbers for Scott?  


Some Further Info on KY Election Results

It is being reported that the so called 60-65% predicted voter turnout for Jefferson County - the Louisville area full of Democrats - was actually only 47%


My Sunday Post


” Is the glass half empty or half full . . . or ? ”


Kaci Hickox About To Emerge From Ebola Cacoon

Ebola panic in the US seems to have subsided considerably. There have been no new cases for about three weeks and with the election over there is less politics fueling the issue.