I am part of the millions who voted "illegally"

at least according to the tweet by Donald Trump that has now gone viral. I voted for Hillary Clinton . So did the vast majority of people who frequent this blog. But according to Trump, she should...Read more

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Is ‘Gracious’ Not To ‘Prosecute’ Clinton For Recount Efforts (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway doesn’t seem to know what the word gracious means. She responded to Hillary Clinton’s call for a recount by suggesting that it was uncalled for given how “gracious” Donald Trump has...Read more

Trump’s Latest Twitter Tantrum is Probably His Dumbest Yet

On Sunday morning, while the deadline for administration appointees approaches, Donald Trump spent his afternoon tweeting furiously about the three week old results of the election and the recount...Read more

Idiot Trump Spent Thanksgiving Consulting Fabio And Don King On Who Should Be Secretary Of State

President Obama and his family spent Thanksgiving giving back to the community by serving dinner at a retirement home for veterans in D.C. Meanwhile, in Florida, Trump was busy throwing himself a big...Read more

White House Attorneys Say Conflict Of Interest Should Keep Trump Out Of The White House

Amid evidence that Trump has been using the office of President in order to conduct business meetings, the Chief Ethics Counsels for President George W. Bush and Barack Obama are introducing a legal...Read more

Paul Ryan’s Health Care Plan Is Actually Just To Rip Off Obamacare

Throughout the 2016 election, President-elect Trump campaigned on promises that he was going to repeal the Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare. While that promise was met with approval...Read more

Shoppers Defend Woman Wearing A Hijab After A Woman Verbally Attacks Her (VIDEO)

In response to a bad thing happening, a good thing happened. In an Albuquerque, New Mexico Smith’s grocery store Thursday, shoppers defended a woman who was being accosted by another woman who called...Read more

some historical context to Russian interference with our election

written from memory, so please excuse any slight inaccuracies. This is not the first time that the results of an election might have been changed had the administration in power disclosed to the...Read more

Politics is like any other sport. Play it to WIN it!

I’m sorry, maybe it’s just me. I am by nature a cheerful cynic. Some people say “the glass is half full”, and some people say “the glass is half empty”. I look at the glass and think, “Ewww, somebody...Read more

What's REALLY going on?

That’s the $64,000 question these days, isn’t it? The one with as many answers as talking heads. That’s the one that induces beating of breasts, gnashing of teeth, piteous wailing and the pulling out...Read more

after reaching a half birthday . . .

I was born May 23, 1946. That means the day before Thanksgiving was my half birthday, the midpoint of the year between my 70th and 71st birthdays. I am still fairly much housebound since the surgery...Read more

Facebook Goes Pro-Nazi, Bans Navy Veteran For Criticizing Fascists

Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died in Europe fighting the Nazis during World War II, but Facebook is now a “safe space” for Nazis while our veterans get banned for criticizing them. Jim...Read more

Trump Claims Elton John Will Play His Inauguration And Promptly Gets Ripped Apart

Donald Trump announced that Elton John will be performing at his inauguration but apparently he didn’t bother to confirm that with the singer himself. According to a spokesperson for Elton John, he...Read more

Religious Right Thankful For Trump This Thanksgiving

Religious Right leaders worked hard to mobilize the white evangelical vote for Donald Trump, and many have declared that Trump’s election was the result of miraculous divine intervention, so it’s not...Read more

With DeVos Pick, Trump Declares War on Public Education

Donald Trump announced that Betsy DeVos, a Michigan Republican operative who has been called “the four-star general of the voucher movement,” is his choice to be secretary of education, a fox-...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up – 11/23/16

Brian Tashman @ Huffington Post: Donald Trump’s Religious Bigotry Isn’t New, But It’s Still Dangerous. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Trump’s new boast: ‘The president can’t have a conflict of...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/23/16

Lee Duigon says that “America really must buckle down to the business of making sure there is never, never, never again another Democrat government” so they can’t ever pass a law clamping down on...Read more

Trump Gets To Pick The Guy Who Will Be Auditing His Taxes – And His Enemies’

Donald Trump’s tax proposal will cut taxes primarily for businesses and the wealthy — he still hasn’t released his taxes. To make matters worse, Trump will soon be able to appoint a new director of...Read more

Ben Carson Eyes HUD Secretary Role After Running Scam Presidential Campaign

After passing on consideration to become secretary of education, citing his lack of experience in government, former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson is now thinking over Donald Trump’s offer to...Read more

Politically Tough Living, But Still Thanksgiving

Trump is using his new role to boost business deals, meet developers, and bring his daughter who’ll run his empire into top tier governmental meetings. He’s using his appointments to elevate white...Read more