Scott Walker "waiting for a sign from a higher power" Before He Runs for President


No, I doubt he's waiting for a sign from God although he repeatedly promotes his rah-rah flag-waving patriotic and fundamentalist religious bona fides . Here's the sign he's REALLY waiting for. This one, too: Despite his holier than though memes...More


Where Have All The Stars Gone?


from : shielded-lights httpeschooltoday.compollutionlight-pollutionsources-of-light-pollution.html This is a piece I wrote some years ago. I worked for a small local chain of weeklies and this was published in those. I also posted it on a blog quite a while back. Here...More


Oh Rachel Maddow! How Cute!


Maybe this is true , but Rachel Maddow has said that there are serious reporters doing their jobs at Fox. I am not a journalist. I am just a viewer, so what do I know? And Rachel is aghast that...More


Right to ("Work") Mooch Bill Advancing in Wis at the Speed of Light


Update: This atrocious bill was just "passed" by the State Senate with the public shouting "shame, shame, shame....". The session was abruptly adjurned ny Sen. Lasich (R-TeaBagger). Republicans in Wisconsin have been ramming controversial matters through the Legislature since the...More

Dr. Ferguson Reid

Civil Rights Icon Dr. Fergie Reid deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom !


Dr. Fergie Reid from Virginia was the first black person to serve in the Virginia state house. The times were hard and Dr. Reid was already active and a hero in his own right in the African American Community before...More


"Islamic terrorism" oxymoron runs up 819,000 usages on Da Google


There's more involved here than words. "Islamist terrorism" is what you want to say when you talk about ISIS and al-Qaeda. They are properly "Islamist" because "Islamism" and "Salafism" are the names in English for the offshoots from worldwide Islam...More


Rick Scott being sued by Tampa Bay Times and other News sources


Rick Scott is just teflon so far but thanks to the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, they are trying very hard to make his corruption stick somewhere. The 10 times Pultizer Prize winner, The Tampa Bay Times has filed...More


Bibi's US Ambassador Blindsides Barack

Israel's GOP-trained Ambassador to the United States ignited an international incident when he conspired with Republican leaders to arrange an appearance by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a joint session of Congress to whip up congressional opposition to the...More


Redneck Chick on Fox Propaganda Channel Uses Racial Slur


Jigaboo. A redneck chick by the name of Kristi Capel, a former Miss Missouri who was raised in Northern Kentucky and works for the Fox propaganda channel in Cleveland, claims she didn't know that "jigaboo" is a racial slur ...More

Net Neutrality

Fight for Net Neutrality. #SaveOurNet


This has been a great week for UniteBlue and America. Last week, UniteBlue launched our first Twitterbomb of 2015 — and # ILoveObama trended across the United States for three days straight, racking up nearly 250,000 tweets! The outpouring of...More


Death By Doctor: The Assassination of James A. Garfield

On the morning of July 2nd, 1881, a slight, shifty-eyed man paced about the Baltimore & Potomac railway station with purpose, his freshly shined shoes digging furrows in the waiting room’s thick carpet. His name was Charles Guiteau and he...More


Top Comments: We Got Played Edition


Considering how often we write Top Comments (someone does it every night 365 days a year), where do all the ideas come from? All over the place. Tonight mine came from here , a comment I submitted as a Top...More


"Islamic" versus "Islamist." Republicans and Israel's Likudniks do their damnedest to help ISIS


"Islamic" is the generic term. Used properly it applies to all practicing Muslims regardless of country, sect, race, or sex. "Islamist," on the other hand, should only be applied to Fundamentalists of the Sunni sect and specifically to the Salafis,...More


Florida’s Public Health Care System Part II

"No different from tens of millions of disabled Americans, my medical needs are dependent upon publicly financed institutions" . . . As a resident of South Florida, I’ve come to know the VA medical facility in Miami all too well...More


Another Oops...Jeb... Jeb..Jeb...Here comes the dirt !


Lobby, Medicare, Florida, terms like bagman....wow this guy is just getting started and has more enemies than even I imagined. I read a piece today at Crooks and Liars and well well, Jeb is making news in all kinds of...More


Scott Walker: Friday News Dump


Wis Gov Scott Walker (R-Dark Side of the Force) So much dump, so little time.... Flippity Floppity After bullshitting telling voters that he didn't want to extend his public employee union busting record to the private sector and maintaining that...More